Luma Mobile Phone Night Light

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light from mochacasa

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light is a clip on lampshade that turns any smartphone into a fun and stylish night light.

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light from mochacasa

Although the flashlight app on a smartphone is useful, the light tends to be harsh. In addition, the phone needs to be held up to point the light in the right direction. However, clip on Luma and it diffuses the light to give a warm glow and even spread of light. (Which also means your mobile phone can be placed down on a surface and benefit from the light – hands free!)

Luma night light is helpful to have whenever you need a portable reading lamp and a useful accessory to take with you when you travel. It’s also light and small enough to carry with you in your bag to have with you, just in case.

Naomi Nutcracker

Naomi Nutcracker from Mocha Casa

Meet our newest addition Naomi Nutcracker.

Combining beautiful aesthetics, function and fun in one clever gadget – Naomi isn’t like other nutcrackers.

More often than not, when you try cracking nuts with other gadgets, the nuts smash into pieces and shell shrapnel is sent flying across the room!

Not so with the wonderful, spring Naomi. Your nut is placed in the stainless steel bowl. Then you stretch the spring and as soon as you release the ball, it slams down and cracks open the nut. And at that same moment, the conical spring closes around the nut, confining the shell fragments within the nut cracker.

Simple, stylish, and a joy to use. Which probably explains why Naomi Nutcracker is a Reddot Award Winner.

The Mark Brothers: Cable Labels

The Mark Brothers Cable Labels from Mocha

The Mark Brothers are a set of five cable labels.

These five little acrobatic figures will swing from your wires, helping you to identify to which device each cable belongs. They can be attached to any standard electricity cable and will make sure that you never unplug the wrong lead again.

Easy to use, simply mark each brother, writing down which electronic device he belongs to and then hang him on the appropriate cable.

They are the perfect cable management solution for your home office, TV or music system; and make a great gift for anyone into their tech, gadgets or music.

Fun and practical, the humorous design of  The Mark Brothers is sure to raise a smile.

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Boris Phone Holder

Boris Phone Holder from MochaBoris Phone Holder is is a trusty companion for your mobile phone or MP3 player, designed to look like a hiker or mountain climber.

Boris will carry your cell phone on his back while it charges; and hold the charging cable through his hands and under the base to keep it neat and tidy.

The perfect mobile phone accessory to keep on your desk or bedside table, this phone holder will keep your work surface organised whilst adding some whimsical humour.

Boris Phone Holder will fit most styles of smart phones and hand-held music players.

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CuppaCan Insulated Mug

CuppaCan Insulated Mug from is an insulated porcelain mug with lid, designed to look like an aluminium drinks can.

Produced with two walls of porcelain, it will keep your drink hotter for longer and enables you to hold the mug without the risk of burning yourself.

This cool mug also has a protective silicone drink through lid – to keep your coffee in your mug – rather than across your keyboard.

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