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Herb and Spice Infuser Spice Bomb

Herb and Spice Infuser Spice BombHerb and Spice Infuser Spice Bomb will help you season your soups, sauces and stews to perfection.

If you’ve ever burnt your fingers whilst trying to pick herbs or spices out of a sauce, this specially designed infuser is the solution. Spice Bomb enables easy seasoning, spares your fingers and keeps them clean.

To use, simply remove the silicone lid and fill the stainless steel filter with your desired herbs and spices. Then hang in the sauce or soup. The flexible silicone arm attaches to the rim of the pot so that the spice ball can be easily pulled out again.

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Reflective Bookends

Reflective BookendsReflective Bookends cleverly use a mirror effect so that half the word BOOK and half of the exclamation mark are reflected on the mirrored surface to create the complete shape.

The perfect accessory for any book lover, these modern bookends are showcase much loved books with flair and make great gifts for the home.

Reflective Bookends are made of polished stainless steel and come in an acetate gift box.

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Mobile Grater

Mobile GraterMobile Grater is an innovative compact grater that folds in half like a mobile phone, when not in use.

The grater comprises of two stainless steel grating surfaces in fine and superfine, which are perfect for grating chesse, vegetables, nuts and garlic. A storage compartment is attached to the back of each blade so that as you grate, the ingredients are conveniently collected in the storage section for easy transfer to a pot or bowl.

This space saving kitchen accessory is also ideal for use when mobile – such as in the office, at a picnic, barbecue or camping. And the ingredients to be grated can be stored in the storage compartment until needed.

Just In Case Magnetic Storage Box

Just In Case Magnetic Storage BoxJust in Case Magnetic Storage Box is a useful magnetic box for storing small home accessories and other essentials you need to keep handy.

Ideal for numerous uses including as a first aid box,storing matches and lighters,spare keys, sewing kit, small change and stationery. Or even for your secret stash of sweets!

Just in Case storage box features a sliding cover and magnetic back to stick to your fridge or other metallic surface.

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Spring Card Holder

Spring Card HolderSpring Card Holder is a stylish organizer for your desk.

The paper holder is handy for organising your post, holding business cards, storing your to-do list, messages and paperwork that can clutter up your desk. You can also use it to display photos or store your favourite recipes.

Constructed of tightly wound steel coil, this paper holder imitates the shape of an open fan – which is a traditional Japanese symbol of prosperity.

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