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Greenseal Storage Containers

Greenseal Storage ContainersGreenseal are food storage containers with vacuum seal lids designed to keep your food fresh for up to five times longer, preventing food wastage and saving you both time and money.

Ideal for keeping fruit and vegetables in the fridge fresher for longer and storing left-overs. Greenseal can also be used to seal liquids or toss a salad. The space saving storage containers are stackable, tough and durable.

To use, simply place the lid over the container and press the silicone seal down firmly in the centre. And to remove, just press the silicone seal up at the handle.

The environmentally friendly Greenseal vacuum seal lids can also be used on virtually any other pot or bowl – unlike fiddly cling film that often doesn’t seal properly, can’t be recycled and is almost impossible to reuse.

Comes as a set of four storage containers with vacuum seal lids.

Price: £23.99 – set of 4 bowls and 4 lids in a gift box

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T-Laundry Bag

T Laundry Bag from MochaT-Laundry Bag is fun as well as functional. Designed to look like a T-Shirt, the laundry bag can either be hung on a wall or in your wardrobe.

The slimline, space-saving design means it’s more practical than a laundry basket – especially in small spaces. It’s also a great travel accessory.

The T-Shirt Laundry Bag comes packaged in a unique gift box designed to look like a washing machine. It makes the perfect as a housewarming gift, or for someone about to leave home for college.

Made of 100% cotton, T-Laundry Bag is available red for your colours and white for your whites
Price: £15.99

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