Pacco Monitor Stand And Drawer

Pacco Monitor Stand and Drawer from Mocha Casa

Pacco Monitor Stand and Drawer raises your computer screen closer to eye level, to make it more comfortable while you work at your desk. And the hidden storage drawer provides valuable space to help keep the desk clutter free.

Designed by Samuel Ansbacher exclusively for, the idea came about when we were looking for a solution to raise our own screen. On its own it was too low, causing neck and back pain while working hunched over it. We tried balancing it on a ream of paper but it was unsightly and still not quite high enough.

The result was the Pacco Monitor Stand and Drawer. Ergonomic, aesthetic and space saving, it raises the monitor by a height of 7.5 cm. It also solves the problem of where to store USB cables, charging wires, external hard drives and all the other paraphernalia that tend to lie strewn on a desk.

Handmade in solid birch ply, the rich tones of the wood also add warmth and a biophilic design element to the workspace.

Dimensions: W40.5 D 25.5 H 7.5cm

Pacco Monitor Stand with open drawer from mochacasa

Pacco Monitor Stand and Drawer side view