Luma Mobile Phone Night Light

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light from mochacasa

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light is a clip on lampshade that turns any smartphone into a fun and stylish night light.

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light from mochacasa

Although the flashlight app on a smartphone is useful, the light tends to be harsh. In addition, the phone needs to be held up to point the light in the right direction. However, clip on Luma and it diffuses the light to give a warm glow and even spread of light. (Which also means your mobile phone can be placed down on a surface and benefit from the light – hands free!)

Luma night light is helpful to have whenever you need a portable reading lamp and a useful accessory to take with you when you travel. It’s also light and small enough to carry with you in your bag to have with you, just in case.

City Sleeve Phone Case: London

City Sleeve Phone Case - Mocha

The City Sleeve Phone Case is a stylish cover for your smartphone.

The case is handmade in wool felt and hand screen printed with a design of the London skyline, printed in a warm chocolate brown.

Available in green and red, the felt phone cover feels soft and tactile to the touch. As well as protecting your smartphone from knocks and scratches, it also gently cleans the screen when you remove it from the cover. And a smart red ribbon makes it safe and easy for you to pull out your phone.

The modern and urban design of the London skyline turns your mobile phone cover into a trendy accessory for daily use.

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City Sleeve Phone Case - Mocha

Travel Inspired Accessories

Corkboard Map

Inspired by the adventure of travel, comes a range of new accessories which are now available online from Mocha.

Cork Board Map

Map Cork BoardCork Board Map is a pin board designed to look like a map of the world. Made from cork, the self adhesive cork board allows you to create your own personalised world map.

It can be used to create a travel collage. Attach pictures, mementos, tickets and postcards from your trips to create a unique souvenir. It’s also a great way to plan a trip, or create a travel wish-list – complete with inspirational images.

Whether you use it as a pin board in your kitchen or home office, or even leave it plain, the Cork Board Map makes a striking decor accessory for any wall in the home.

Travelogue Travel Journal

Travelogue Travel JournalTravelogue Travel Journal is the perfect diary for recording all your travel adventures.

There are 64 pages of high quality paper to record every step of the journey. It also features helpful travel advice and tips. Plus, there are eight miniature scratch mas corresponding to different regions of the world. So you can scratch off where you have been.

The result is a definitive record of amazing times and memorable experiences in far flung places.

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Earphone Pouch

Earphone Pouch - MochaEarphone Pouch is the perfect accessory for people who like to listen to music on the go.

The earphone case keeps them wrapped up safely so they can be stored in the pocket or in a bag, without getting tangled up.

The case includes a roll up plate for winding up the cables, keeping them neat and ready to use.

Earphone Pouch is ideal for everyday use and is a travel essential.


Jacket Gripper

Jacket Gripper from MochaJacket Gripper is like having a third hand.

This useful accessory attaches to your bag and carries your jacket for you – keeping your hands free.

The Jacket Gripper can also be used to hold other accessories such as a scarf or gloves.

Practical and easy to use, 3rd Hand Jacket Gripper is the perfect travel accessory. It is also ideal for use when shopping or hiking.

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