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Gift Ideas for Lovers of Italian Food

Spaghetti, pizza, risotto, cappuccino, gelato – who doesn’t like Italian food?

If you know someone with a passion for Italian cuisine and who enjoys cooking, these gift ideas for lovers of Italian food will hit the spot just perfectly!

Spaghetti Tower from Mocha

Spaghetti is practically synonymous with Italian food. So naturally, there have to be a few spaghetti accessories.

Spaghetti Tower is a really useful accessory. As well as storing your pasta, you can also dispense it straight from the container, thanks to the smart cap. This award winning design has four different openings so you can select the quantity required from one to four portion sizes.

Magnetic Spice Rack from Mocha

Basil, Oregano and Parsley are just some of the herbs that give Italian dishes their deep flavours. Magnetic Spice Rack ensures that all your favourite herbs and spices are close to hand when cooking up that signature dish.
With the see through lids you can see at a glance what is in each container and the magnetic bottoms ensure fast and easy storage.

Spaghetti Measure by Joseph Joseph from Mocha

Spaghetti Measure by Joseph Joseph makes a great stocking filler. Simply slide the lever on the side of the disk to open the camera-style aperture, and choose the required portion size from one to four servings.

Spaghetti Server from Mocha

Once the Italian dish is cooked, serve it in style with this Spaghetti Server. With its contemporary design and sleek satin stainless steel finish, it’s the perfect finishing touch.

Salad Bowl and Servers by Joseph Joseph from Mocha

A fresh salad makes a great accompaniment to delicious Italian food. This organically shaped Salad Bowl and Servers is perfect for serving of fresh mixed leaves, together with some basil, tomatoes and cubes of mozzarella.

Ice Cream Scoop and Stack by Cuisipro from Mocha

Ice Cream Scoop and Stack is the perfect gadget for stylish gelato presentation. This ergonomic scoop creates cylindrical blocks of ice cream that can be stacked in a cone or on a plate for colourful and creative desserts.





Flora Planter and Storage Pocket

Flora Planter and Storage Pocket from Mocha

Flora Planter and Storage Pocket is a versatile new product from Mocha. Designed by Rotem, it adds colour, greenery and useful extra storage both in the home or outside on a balcony.

Available in a single or double version, Flora can be used in countless number of ways. And the choice of vibrant colours together with bold polka dot design means that it will brighten up any interior or outdoor space.

Flora single can be used as a wall mounted planter for the home. It’s perfect for creating a colourful wall display, growing herbs in the kitchen or even as a vertical garden.

Alternatively, it can be used as a tidy or organiser for handy storage.  Hang it In the kitchen and use a utensil holder. In the bathroom for toiletries and cosmetics or in a work space to store writing and stationery accessories.

The double version of Flora is ideal as a balcony planter. But it can also be used freestanding as a pot holder to display plants and flowers in the home. Or hung over a ladder or towel rack to create a striking display.

Like the single version, it also makes a great storage solution. It can even be used as a cot tidy, for a playpen or buggy.

Flora Planter and Storage Pocket from Mocha


Gifts and Home Accessories Inspired by Maps

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for someone who loves travelling (but don’t just want to give them travel accessories) how about home accessories inspired by maps?

Map inspired homeware is really popular right now and perfect for those with wanderlust.

This selection of home accessories featuring maps make great gifts, and will keep them daydreaming about their next adventure.


Scratch Map personalised world map poster from Mocha

Scratch Map Personalised World Map Poster is a unique piece of wall art. It is based on the idea of a scratch card and covered with a layer of gold foil. And it’s an ideal gift for someone who has travelled widely. They’ll love scratching off all the destinations they have visited, to reveal the colours and geographical details below.


Marina Bath Plug from Mocha - a travel plug with map boat

Marina Bath Plug is a whimsical plug with a boat made from a plastic world map attached to the end of the chain. Apart from being a fun accessory, it’s also a very handy universal travel plug that will fit most sinks and baths.

Cork Board Map from Mocha

Cork Board Map is a pin board designed to look like a map of the world. It can be used to create a unique keepsake of a travel adventure by pinning photos, tickets and mementos from the trip. If planning a trip, it’s a good way to visualise travel plans. Or use it as a travel wishlist, complete with inspirational images. And of course, it also makes a very useful pin board for notes, reminders, invitations and to do lists.


Travelogue Travel Journal from Mocha

Travelogue Travel Journal is the perfect gift for someone going on the trip of a lifetime. There are 64 pages  to record every step of the journey, plus tips, travel advice and eight miniature scratch maps for different regions of the world. The end result is a definitive record of amazing times and memorable experiences in far flung places.

Mapnetic Magnetic World Map from Mocha

Mapnetic: Magnetic World Map is a magnetic dry erase board shaped as a world map. It’s a great way to plan or document a trip round the world. It comes together with magnets to choose transportation, plan routes and add written comments. But even if there are no travel plans, stick it on a fridge (or other magnetic surface) for a very useful dry wipe board. It’s a great way to hold notes, reminders and messages. And even remembering to buy milk, or an invitation to a party will seem more exotic!