Pacco Monitor Stand And Drawer

Pacco Monitor Stand and Drawer from Mocha Casa

Pacco Monitor Stand and Drawer raises your computer screen closer to eye level, to make it more comfortable while you work at your desk. And the hidden storage drawer provides valuable space to help keep the desk clutter free.

Designed by Samuel Ansbacher exclusively for, the idea came about when we were looking for a solution to raise our own screen. On its own it was too low, causing neck and back pain while working hunched over it. We tried balancing it on a ream of paper but it was unsightly and still not quite high enough.

The result was the Pacco Monitor Stand and Drawer. Ergonomic, aesthetic and space saving, it raises the monitor by a height of 7.5 cm. It also solves the problem of where to store USB cables, charging wires, external hard drives and all the other paraphernalia that tend to lie strewn on a desk.

Handmade in solid birch ply, the rich tones of the wood also add warmth and a biophilic design element to the workspace.

Dimensions: W40.5 D 25.5 H 7.5cm

Pacco Monitor Stand with open drawer from mochacasa

Pacco Monitor Stand and Drawer side view

Fun and Functional Homeware with Character

It is a homeware collection that’s fun, functional and full of personality.

These home accessories – available from Mocha – are designed to look like little characters. Useful around the home and office – they also help raise a smile at the same time.

Mr T Roll Holder


Mr T Roll Holder - Toilet Roll Holder from Mocha

Mr T Roll Holder is the latest addition to the homeware range.

Eye-catching and different, Mr T shows off his strength – while holding two spare rolls designed to look like weights.

The Mark Brothers Cable Labels

The Mark Brothers Cable Labels from Mocha

The Mark Brothers are a set of five cable labels that swing from the wires, and identify which device each cable belongs to.

The perfect cable management solution for a home office, TV or music system, they’ll make sure you never unplug the wrong lead again.

Boris Phone Holder

Boris Phone Holder from Mocha

Boris Phone Holder carries a mobile phone on his back while it charges and also keeps hold of the charging cable to keep it neat and tidy.

Designed to look like a mountain climber,  he will fit most styles of smart phones and hand-held music players.

Key Pete and Key Petite

Key Pete and Key Petite Key Holders from Mocha

Key Pete and Key Petite are magnetic Key Holders. With extra strong magnets in their hands, they’ll fix himself to any metal surface. And with their other hand, will hold up to twenty keys.

They’re also handy to have around the office to grasp office accessories with a metallic component such as your scissors, stapler or paperclips.

Charging Charlie Cable Holder

Charging Charlie Cable Holder from Mocha

Charging Charlie Cable Holder is a desk hero.  In bright fire engine red, and with his fireman’s cap, he’ll take charge of cable management, preventing wires from falling and making sure they are always to hand.

Desk Accessories for Back to School – or Work

It’s almost time for back to school (or college or work).

And these desk accessories are just the thing to help you get more productive and creative – while putting a smile on your face.

It’s going to be a bright new season, filled with bright new beginnings and opportunities …

Rainbow Highlighters from Mocha

Rainbow Highlighters are the perfect way to highlight points from lesson and lecture notes, emphasise important text in a document. Or to highlight inspirational quotes. And even when you’re not using them, Rainbow Highlighters will add a splash of colour to your desk.


Woods Keyboard Notes from Mocha

As well as adding some greenery to your desk, Woods Keyboard Notes help you keep track of important reminders and notes. More scenic than yellow sticky notes plastered over your screen, these keyboard notes are placed strategically where you can’t fail to see them.

Sardine Paper Clips from Mocha

Sardine Paper Clips add an original twist and ocean theme to one of those essential desk accessories. These fish shaped paper clips even come packaged in a reusable sardine tin.

Telly Note Holder from Mocha

If you are a fan of retro style you’ll love this Telly Note Holder. Designed to look like an old style TV, it contains 210 blank memos for you to jot down important notes and reminders.

Staple City from Mocha

Staple City is an original storage solution for your stapler and staplers. It is designed to look like an architectural cityscape, captured in a snow globe. It would also make a great gift for an architect or a student about to study architecture.

Charging Charlie Cable Holder from Mocha

Charging Charlie Cable Holder is a cool yet practical way of organising your cables. Charging Charlie will hold your cable ready for action whenever you need it. So no more frustrating rummaging under your desk for lost cables.


Decor Accessories With An Industrial Design Look

Home Decor with an industrial design look from Mocha

1 – Stove Trivet |  2 – Bend It Salt and Pepper Shakers |  3 – Spring Card Holder | 4 – Chain Wine Bottle Holder |  5 – Bolt Magnets |  6 – Pizza Pro Pizza Cutter

Modern Industrial design is a big trend right now in interiors.

These home décor accessories give a nod to this style. They reference the elements and tools that you might find in an industrial warehouse, only with a stylish twist.

The rough luxe style is all about blending raw industrial elements, furniture and accessories together with more luxurious home décor pieces. It’s juxtaposes architectural features like exposed metal beams with chandeliers. Or bare brickwork together with elegant furniture.

But if you don’t want to re-decorate or strip your walls bare – these decor accessories are an easy way to channel some rough luxe industrial design chic to your dining table or home office.


Zipmark Bookmark

Zipmark Bookmark - Mocha

The wittily designed Zipmark Bookmark makes a great gift idea for bookworms or students.

Designed to look like a zipper, it gives the impression that you could literally unzip your book to open it up.

A clever illusion, it is actually a thin plastic strip sandwiched between the pages of your book. and on top of that is a slender section molded in the shape of a zip. But it will make people look twice.