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6 Stylish Ways To Drink More Water

Mocha has just launched a range of new glass bottles, carafes and tumblers in time for summer. Made from recycled glass, they are Infused with Mediterranean style and bring added pleasure to keeping hydrated.

Matra Jug and tumbler from Mocha

Matra Jug is a pure and simple carafe in a beautiful shade of turquoise. Matra Tumbler is a matching drinking glass that can be used together with it to create a set.

Giralda Water Bottle from Mocha

Giralda Water Bottle looks almost architectural in form. And in fact the inspiration for the design comes from the famous Giralda Tower in Seville. blending form with function, this original glass bottle with cork is the perfect way to serve water at the table.

Anisette Water Bottle from Mocha

Anisette Water Bottle is a cut glass bottle with cork that features a geometric design. It is a far more stylish alternative to having a disposable plastic water bottle on the table. It’s also perfect for serving water at a dinner party.

Koko Multi Colour Tumblers from Mocha

Koko Multi Colour Tumblers are a set of six glasses in a vibrant spectrum of colours. The original tilting design makes them beautiful to use every day. And displayed on a shelf, they are also striking decor accessories.

Fenix Carafe from Mocha

Fenix Carafe and Glass is ideal for use as a bedside carafe. The tumbler doubles as a stopper and fits neatly over the top of the bottle. It also makes the perfect water bottle to keep on the desk and keep hydrated throughout the day.

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