Pillbox from MochaPillbox is a contemporary designed pill box for carrying and organizing your pills anytime, anywhere.

Shaped like a large tablet, this travel essential has an internal divider to organize your daily medication and make sure that you never miss a pill. You can also remove the divider to store other small items inside.

Available in white, pink and blue, this cheerful pill organizer will sweeten even the bitterest of pills.

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Garlic Crusher

Garlic CrusherThe Garlic Crusher by Ineke Hans is an innovative new take on the tradition garlic press.

This award winning one piece garlic crusher is simple to use. Just crush the garlic clove with the flat side of the tool and then spread out the contents by rolling over it.

The crusher can also be used for fresh herbs, nuts or ginger.

Cleaning it is a dream. There are no little clogged up holes to clean out with this design. Just rinse under running water. And as an added bonus – the garlic crusher will act as a stainless steel soap at the same time and remove the odour from your hands

Material: Stainess Steel.
Dimensions: Dia 3.7cm L 18cm
Price: £14.75

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