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Home Accessories That Channel The New Season

Spring is in the air.

And these two new products from Mocha channel the new season perfectly.

Rainmaker and Table Set: Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil evoke Mediterranean living. And they are a happy reminder of all those good things we have to look forward to in the coming few months: warm lazy days, eating al fresco, and being surrounded by flowers and lush greenery.

Rainmaker Plant Watering Cloud from Mocha

Looking after those house plants just got a whole lot easier with Rainmaker: Plant Watering Cloud.

Ideal for urban gardeners, the cloud attaches to an empty soft drink bottle, and turns it into a handy watering can.

Table Set Salt Pepper and Olive Oil from Mocha

Table Set: Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil is a stackable set in a beautiful mix of materials.And combines rustic Mediterranean charm with modern styling.

It comprises of ceramic salt and pepper shakers in white and black. And these fit onto the curvaceous neck of the olive oil pourer, which is topped with a cork lid.

Kitchen Accessories That Are Whimsical (But Also Very Practical)

At first glance, they may look whimsical. But these new kitchen accessories just launched by Mocha are also very practical.

Who hasn’t struggled to separate an egg yolk from the white while juggling with two egg shell halves (and more often than not dropping it in the process)? Or tried to find a sturdy cutlery drainer which doesn’t collect a pool of murky water at the bottom?

These useful products solve those very issues. And in addition, they have been designed with an element of humour, so that they raise a smile too.

Yolkfish Egg Separator from Mocha

YolkFish Egg Separator makes it quick and easy to separate egg whites from yolks – without the mess.

To use, just crack an egg into a bowl, and squeeze the fish, bringing it’s lips to the yolk. Then release, and YolkFish will swallow the yolk. Then just squeeze again to release it.

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer from Mocha

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer is the possibly the cutest way to dry cutlery.
Designed to look like an elephant, place him next to the sink with his trunk hanging over the edge. When you wash your cutlery, he’ll collect the run-off water. The water will then drip through his trunk straight back into the sink.

Jumbo can also be used in the bathroom as a toothbrush holder.

Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon from Mocha

Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon is a knight egg holder in shining armour.

This quirky egg holder will guard your boiled egg. He comes with a protective helmet which you can take off when it’s time to eat. And he’ll stand to attention as he holds your spoon in his right hand.

Kitchen Accessories with a Creative Twist

Mocha has just launched several new functional kitchen accessories with a creative twist. They are all clever reinterpretations of kitchen essentials. And are also ideal for compact spaces.

Himalaya Spice Jars from Mocha

Himalaya Spice Jars are a set of four spice containers designed to look like snow covered mountains.

They fit most standard spice racks or can be displayed on a kitchen worktop. Apart from providing useful storage for herbs and spices, they also make striking decor accessories.

The glass spice jars come as a set of four, in two different sizes. And the snow covered lids can be removed easily to refill the containers.

Compact Dish Drainer from Mocha

Compact Dish Drainer is ideal for small kitchens or for drying extra dishes.

The innovative design means that it can be folded flat to store in a kitchen drawer when not in use.

Measuring Cube Measuring Jug from Mocha

Measuring Cube is a measuring jug with a built-in detachable measuring spoon on its base.

A fresh reinterpretation of the traditional measuring jug, it is designed with a special spout that can be poured from all four corners of the cube. It also features different measurement units on each of its sides.