Naomi Nutcracker

Naomi Nutcracker from Mocha Casa

Meet our newest addition Naomi Nutcracker.

Combining beautiful aesthetics, function and fun in one clever gadget – Naomi isn’t like other nutcrackers.

More often than not, when you try cracking nuts with other gadgets, the nuts smash into pieces and shell shrapnel is sent flying across the room!

Not so with the wonderful, spring Naomi. Your nut is placed in the stainless steel bowl. Then you stretch the spring and as soon as you release the ball, it slams down and cracks open the nut. And at that same moment, the conical spring closes around the nut, confining the shell fragments within the nut cracker.

Simple, stylish, and a joy to use. Which probably explains why Naomi Nutcracker is a Reddot Award Winner.