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View Storage Containers

View Storage ContainersView Storage Containers are a set of three kitchen storage containers with transparent bases so that their contents are clearly visible. An airtight silicone seal keeps the food fresher for longer.

Designed by Morph for Joseph Joseph, the lids are stackable to maximise cupboard and shelf space, making them perfect space saving kitchen accessories.

Price: £24.99 – set of 3

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Catcher Citrus Reamer

Catcher Citrus ReamerCatcher Citrus Reamer is an innovative citrus juicer that catches all the pips and pulp whilst allowing the extracted juice to drain through.

With conventional citrus juicers the extracted juice needs to be strained to remove unwanted debris. However, the design of the Catcher citrus juicer eliminates this problem. Large drainage holes in the soft rubber cap under the reamer head allow juice to pass through quickly – but catches all the pips.

Designed by Graeme Davies for Joseph Joseph, the juice extractor also features an ergonomic handle with comfortable soft-grip design and hanging hole for space saving storage.

Price: £7.99

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Curve Speedy Peeler

Curve Speedy PeelerCurve Speedy Peeler is an innovative new vegetable peeler designed to peel fruit and vegetables much faster than a conventional peeler.

The curved blade is able to remove more peel with each stroke, thereby speeding up the laborious task of peeling.

Designed by Mark Saunders for Joseph Joseph, the Curve Speedy Peeler shows how a simple design change to a classic kitchen tool can make a dramatic improvement to its effectiveness. The inovative design also features an eye-remover at its tip and an ergonomic handle designed for comfort with a non-slip, soft-grip finish

Price: £6.99

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Spaghetti Measure

Spaghetti MeasureSpaghetti Measure by British designers Joseph Joseph is an innovative kitchen utensil that provides an adjustable portion guide for 1-4 servings.

The Spaghetti Measure takes the guess work out of cooking the correct amount of pasta and cuts down on waste. To use, simple slide the lever around the side of the disk to open the camera-style aperture and choose the required portion size.

Price: £6.99

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Marina Bath Plug

Marina Bath PlugMarina Bath Plug is a whimsically designed bath accessory that features a boat made from a plastic world map attached to the end of the chain. It evokes the spirit of travel and adventure as you take a relaxing soak.

The bath plug is also a very useful accessory when you actually are travelling, as the universal plug will fit most baths.

Price: £7.50

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