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Scratch Map Personalised World Map Poster

Scratch Map Personalised World Map PosterScratch Map Personalised World Map Poster is just the thing to inspire you to travel more.

Based on the idea of a scratch card, it is covered in a layer of gold foil. To show off where you have been, simply scratch off the foil to reveal the colours and geographical details underneath.

This personalised map is a great gift for the world traveller. They’ll love keeping a track of all of the amazing places they have visited.

So much more stylish than a regular wall map and pushpins, Scratch Map of the world features colour and geographical details below and includes facts about certain contries and cities.

Dimensions: 81.9 x 58.2 cm

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Flower Wine Charms

Flower Wine Charms from MochaFlower Wine Charms are a set of 12 original wine glass charms designed by  to look like flowers. Perfect for parties or weddings, each guess can pick their own flower to personalise their glass.

The set comes beautifully packaged as a floral bouquet, making them a great gift for a party host, or for Mother’s Day. (And they’ll last longer than a standard bunch of flowers.)

Easy to use, simply bend the silicone stem of the flower to fasten it around your wine glass. And what’s more, they are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean them afterwards.

Flower Wine Charms will adjust to all stemware. They come as a set of twelve with each one different colour in one of four different floral shapes.

The flowers are also big enough to be used for many other uses around the home such as as bag ties, cable ties or bread bag ties.

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Grass Floating Shelf

Grass Floating Shelf by Samuel AnsbacherGrass Floating Shelves are designed to look as though they have grass growing around the front edge of them. Designed by Samuel Ansbacher, these original handmade floating shelves have just been launched by Mocha.

Made of birch ply and synthetic grass, the curvy Grass Floating Shelf  is a perfect way to add some greenery and give a fresh new look to the home or office. They can be used as bookshelves, for displaying home accessories or in the hallway for storing keys and mail. They also make great floating bedside tables – especially where space is tight.

The floating shelves are reversible, so you can choose which side you prefer to have the wider and narrower shelf depths.

Dimensions: L 40.4cm D 14-17 cm H 5.8cm
Price: £49.99

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Pillbox from MochaPillbox is a contemporary designed pill box for carrying and organizing your pills anytime, anywhere.

Shaped like a large tablet, this travel essential has an internal divider to organize your daily medication and make sure that you never miss a pill. You can also remove the divider to store other small items inside.

Available in white, pink and blue, this cheerful pill organizer will sweeten even the bitterest of pills.

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