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Cérémonie Tea – Blends and Herbal Infusions

Ceremonie tea blends and herbal infusions from Mocha

Cérémonie Tea Blends and Herbal Infusions are a luxurious tea experience.

The artisanal teas come in individual Mini Cubes. Each individually wrapped to retain freshness and flavour. And each beautifully crafted package holds a mesh tea sachet that is bursting with the bold taste of whole leaf tea, fine herbs and spices.

Conveying luxury and attention to design, they are a combination of East meets West, tradition and quality.

The teas are available in three different sets:

Cérémonie Tea Selection, Mini – Five signature Mini Cubes containing Moroccan Mint, Wild Berry, Earl Grey, Indian Chai and Sencha Green Tea.

Ceremonie tea selection from Mocha

Cérémonie Tea Box Variety Pack – A collection of 20 Mini Cubes in 10 different tea flavours.

Ceremonie tea box variety pack from Mocha

Cérémonie Tea Tray – An exquisite collection of ten Signature Mini Cube Teas presented in a reusable, black, solid wood display tray.

Ceremonie Tea Tray from Mocha

Cérémonie Tea makes an ideal gift for any occasion and is perfect for tea lovers.

Prepara iPrep Tablet Stand and Stylus

Prepara iprep tablet holder and stylus

Prepara iprep tablet and ipad holder with stylus

Prepara iPrep Tablet Stand and Stylus holds your iPad or tablet upright and safe from spillages.

It’s the perfect kitchen gadget when following online recipes on sites such as Pinterest (or those saved to Dropbox and Evernote). And means no more having to print out recipes.

The iPrep can hold the tablet at of four different angles for easy reading. A weighted base and non-slip rubber grip keeps the stand firmly planted in place.

The stand also comes with a handy stylus that is stored integrally in the hinge. It helps keep the screen clean from messy hands. It means web pages can be scrolled up and down without touching the screen with messy fingers. (Really helpful when following a recipe.) And when finished, the stylus can just be wiped clean.

Because it holds the tablet at a convenient angle, iPrep tablet stand is also a useful accessory when studying, doing research or even playing games.

Modern Antiquity Collection: Ancient Meets Modern

Modern Antiquity is a new homeware collection from Mocha.

It is inspired by designs from ancient Egypt Greece and Rome, and blended with contemporary Mediterranean and Scandinavian design influences. The result is an exciting ancient meets modern range of furniture and home accessories, infused with adventure and mystery – that is perfect for contemporary interiors.

All the pieces in the collection have been designed in-house by Samuel Ansbacher (with concept by Sarah Ansbacher). And the furniture and home accessories in the range are all handmade and exclusive to Mocha.

Pacco Antiquitus Floating Drawer from Mocha

Pacco Antiquitus is a floating shelf with concealed drawer. It is inspired by ancient Roman chests, furniture and armory. The floating drawer is designed to look like it has been made in dark aged wood with a band of antiqued gold and studs wrapped around it.

Handmade in solid birch ply, a discreet grip underneath allows you to slide open the drawer.

The versatile and space saving design of these floating drawers means they can be used in so many ways around the home. It is ideal for use as a bedside table, console table for the hallway or storage for a home office.
They can be used as bookshelves with hidden storage to keep clutter and personal items out of site. Or hang several of them down the wall to create a floating drawer unit.

Pyramid Phone Holder from Mocha

Pyramid Phone Holder combines contemporary Scandinavian design with inspiration from the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

It is the perfect place to rest your mobile on your desk or while charging. And because of the angle at which it holds your phone, it’s also useful while watching video clips, surfing the net or talking on skype.

Pyramid Phone Holder is handmade in solid birch ply, a material typically associated with Scandinavian design. But the first use of plywood was actually in ancient Egypt!

Nile Floating Shelf from Mocha

Nile Floating Shelf is handmade in wood and designed to look like it has inlays of Egyptian ceramics in turquoise and red surrounded by antique gold.

In ancient Egypt red was a colour that represented life and protection; turquoise, joy and promise, and gold was perfection.

The floating shelf is ideal for displaying home accessories, as a bookshelf for paperbacks. Or in the kitchen to display herbs and spices or mugs.

Continuum Clock from Mocha

Continuum Clock is designed to look like a wooden beam from ancient Rome, with a modern circuit board.

Continuum is Latin for continuous and uninterrupted. The name references the passage of time from antiquity to the present day. And the connection between many contemporary designs that have their original roots in the ancient world.

The timepiece is handmade in solid wood and each one is slightly different. It has an antiqued gold design with studs and contains a silent quality quartz drive mechanism.