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Tea Cup Stool: Union Jack Special Edition

Union Jack Tea Cup Stool

Tea Cup Stool Union Jack is a special edition version of the Tea Cup Stool.

This special Tea Cup Stool features a hand painted Union Jack on the front of it. It has come out just in time for the Queen’s Jubilee and celebrations in London this summer.

Inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland, the Teacup stools are great to use as an interior feature. They make handy coffee tables and are ideal for childrens’ rooms.

Because they are UV fade and frost resistant, they are suitable for outdoor use and will make eating al afresco an enchanted experience. Great for street parties this summer.

The Union Jack Tea Cup Stools will make the perfect souvenir or gift to remember London’s summer of celebrations.

The tea cup stools are also available in a Jubilee palette of red, white and blue here >

Union Jack Tea Cup Stool

Butterfly Hanger

Butterfly Hanger

Butterfly Hanger is a wall hook in a modern bold butterfly design.

Available in a choice of vibrant contemporary colours, they are ideal for use as wall hooks in the hallway for hanging coats, hats, bags and other accessories.

They can be used in the bedroom for hanging clothes or keeping jewellery and chains tangle free. The hangers are also great in the kitchen and bathroom for hanging up towels, and add a bright burst of colour in childrens’ rooms.

Fun and functional, the Butterfly Hangers are the perfect storage solution and make decorative accessories in their own right.

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Butterfly Hangers

Luggage Strap and Tag Set

Luggage Strap and Tag Set

Luggage Strap and Tag Set from Mocha makes finding suitcases on the airport baggage carousel much easier.

The travel set adds an individual touch to suitcases, and the bright grass green shade makes them instantly recognisable.

The luggage strap is fully adjustable with a maximum length of 182cm to fit around any standard suitcase. With it’s heavy duty construction, the belt also adds some extra protection to keep luggage securely closed.

The luggage tag adds some personalisation and comes supplied with a name and address card.

The travel set comes packaged in a clear pouch, which is perfect for carrying liquids through security.

Snuz Sac Travel Pillow and Blanket Set

Snuz Sac Travel Pillow and Blanket Set

Snuz Sac Travel Pillow and Blanket Set is a travel essential. The U shaped pillow in cosy coral fleece comes with a travel blanket packed inside for ultimate relaxation when travelling.

The inflatable pillow supports the neck and head, ensuring comfort evening during the longest haul flights. And the incredibly soft plush blanket which is stored inside the pillow case, also has a pocket for storage an MP3 player, mobile phone or glasses.

Light and easy to carry, the blanket rolls easily back into the pillow cover after use.

The perfect gift for anyone who likes to travel, it is also ideal for use at home for lounging on the sofa or reading in bed.

Snuz Sac Travel Blanket and Pillow Set

Candy Dot Aluminium Picnic Basket

Candy Dot Aluminium Picnic Basket

Candy Dot Aluminium Picnic Basket is a family sized picnic hamper.

Perfect for summer picnics on the beach or in the park with family and friends, the basket is insulated to keep snacks cooler for longer.

Featuring a contemporary polka dot design, this modern style picnic basket comes fully equipped with picnic set for four people, and includes the following:

  • 4 dinner plates
  • 4 knives, forks and spoons
  • 4 wine goblets
  • Cheese board and cheese knife
  • Bottle opener
  • Salt and pepper set

The Candy Dot Aluminium Picnic Basket will help create many happy memories of summer picnics. It also makes the ideal wedding present.

Candy Dot Aluminium Picnic Hamper