Modern Antiquity Collection: Ancient Meets Modern

Modern Antiquity is a new homeware collection from Mocha.

It is inspired by designs from ancient Egypt Greece and Rome, and blended with contemporary Mediterranean and Scandinavian design influences.┬áThe result is an exciting ancient meets modern range of furniture and home accessories, infused with adventure and mystery – that is perfect for contemporary interiors.

All the pieces in the collection have been designed in-house by Samuel Ansbacher (with concept by Sarah Ansbacher). And the furniture and home accessories in the range are all handmade and exclusive to Mocha.

Pacco Antiquitus Floating Drawer from Mocha

Pacco Antiquitus is a floating shelf with concealed drawer. It is inspired by ancient Roman chests, furniture and armory. The floating drawer is designed to look like it has been made in dark aged wood with a band of antiqued gold and studs wrapped around it.

Handmade in solid birch ply, a discreet grip underneath allows you to slide open the drawer.

The versatile and space saving design of these floating drawers means they can be used in so many ways around the home. It is ideal for use as a bedside table, console table for the hallway or storage for a home office.
They can be used as bookshelves with hidden storage to keep clutter and personal items out of site. Or hang several of them down the wall to create a floating drawer unit.

Pyramid Phone Holder from Mocha

Pyramid Phone Holder combines contemporary Scandinavian design with inspiration from the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

It is the perfect place to rest your mobile on your desk or while charging. And because of the angle at which it holds your phone, it’s also useful while watching video clips, surfing the net or talking on skype.

Pyramid Phone Holder is handmade in solid birch ply, a material typically associated with Scandinavian design. But the first use of plywood was actually in ancient Egypt!

Nile Floating Shelf from Mocha

Nile Floating Shelf is handmade in wood and designed to look like it has inlays of Egyptian ceramics in turquoise and red surrounded by antique gold.

In ancient Egypt red was a colour that represented life and protection; turquoise, joy and promise, and gold was perfection.

The floating shelf is ideal for displaying home accessories, as a bookshelf for paperbacks. Or in the kitchen to display herbs and spices or mugs.

Continuum Clock from Mocha

Continuum Clock is designed to look like a wooden beam from ancient Rome, with a modern circuit board.

Continuum is Latin for continuous and uninterrupted. The name references the passage of time from antiquity to the present day. And the connection between many contemporary designs that have their original roots in the ancient world.

The timepiece is handmade in solid wood and each one is slightly different. It has an antiqued gold design with studs and contains a silent quality quartz drive mechanism.

Home Accessories That Channel The New Season

Spring is in the air.

And these two new products from Mocha channel the new season perfectly.

Rainmaker and Table Set: Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil evoke Mediterranean living. And they are a happy reminder of all those good things we have to look forward to in the coming few months: warm lazy days, eating al fresco, and being surrounded by flowers and lush greenery.

Rainmaker Plant Watering Cloud from Mocha

Looking after those house plants just got a whole lot easier with Rainmaker: Plant Watering Cloud.

Ideal for urban gardeners, the cloud attaches to an empty soft drink bottle, and turns it into a handy watering can.

Table Set Salt Pepper and Olive Oil from Mocha

Table Set: Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil is a stackable set in a beautiful mix of materials.And combines rustic Mediterranean charm with modern styling.

It comprises of ceramic salt and pepper shakers in white and black. And these fit onto the curvaceous neck of the olive oil pourer, which is topped with a cork lid.

Flora Planter and Storage Pocket

Flora Planter and Storage Pocket from Mocha

Flora Planter and Storage Pocket is a versatile new product from Mocha. Designed by Rotem, it adds colour, greenery and useful extra storage both in the home or outside on a balcony.

Available in a single or double version, Flora can be used in countless number of ways. And the choice of vibrant colours together with bold polka dot design means that it will brighten up any interior or outdoor space.

Flora single can be used as a wall mounted planter for the home. It’s perfect for creating a colourful wall display, growing herbs in the kitchen or even as a vertical garden.

Alternatively, it can be used as a tidy or organiser for handy storage.  Hang it In the kitchen and use a utensil holder. In the bathroom for toiletries and cosmetics or in a work space to store writing and stationery accessories.

The double version of Flora is ideal as a balcony planter. But it can also be used freestanding as a pot holder to display plants and flowers in the home. Or hung over a ladder or towel rack to create a striking display.

Like the single version, it also makes a great storage solution. It can even be used as a cot tidy, for a playpen or buggy.

Flora Planter and Storage Pocket from Mocha


New Scandi Inspired Homeware Collection

Scandi inspired felt and knitted homeware from Mocha

As the weather gets colder, and we spend more time inside, our thoughts turn to making our homes more snug. The new La Porte Blanche Homeware Collection – available exclusively from Mocha in the UK – is perfect for adding some of that cosiness factor.

Inspired by modern rustic and Scandi style, the new collection includes pieces in felt, chunky and cable knit.

The felt range includes cushions (including an extra long bolster cushion 150cm in length) hot water bottle covers and a stylish table runner. The felt pieces are available in light or charcoal grey and all feature a signature blanket stitch in contrasting cream around the edge.

The knitted range includes chunky knit cushions in cream and grey, cable knit cushions in a choice of three colours, and an oversized cushion that measures 60 x 60cm. In addition, there is also a Cable Knit Throw in a soothing shade of light blue that can be used as a stylish bedspread or a snug companion for cosy evenings on the sofa.

View the full homeware collection here >

Scandi inspired homeware from Mocha

Announcing the Launch of a Colourful Homeware Collection by Derwent Life

Derwent Life Mugs from Mocha

Mocha has just launched a fresh new homeware range bursting with colour.

The collection from the iconic British brand, Derwent Life, includes mugs and tea towels that feature a distinctive motif of graduating ombre stripes. The bold and striking design revives the vintage 21 Series Pencil and pays homage to the rich expanse of their colours.

The mugs are made from fine bone china and manufactured in Staffordshire. They are available in six different colour palettes: grey, purple, blue, green, yellow and red.

The tea towels are 100% cotton and available in blue, green and red.

Made in Cumbria since 1832, Derwent has become the by-word for colour. They are widely acknowledged as the finest colour pencils is the world today. And there is simply nothing to compare with the sheer brilliance and depth of their 180 year old colour palette.

Now, the new Derwent Life Homeware collection re-imagines and celebrates this colour heritage with a contemporary twist.

See the Derwent Life Homeware Collection Now >

Derwent Life Tea Towels from Mocha