Bobble Water Bottles and Jugs

Mocha is now stocking Bobble Water Bottles and Jugs.

Bobble Water Bottles - Mocha UK

The Bobble Water Bottle is especially made to be used with tap water.

Designed by Karim Rashid, it features a built in water filter for better tasting water in an instant. It is also both more economic and environmentally friendly than drinking bottled water. And of course – far more stylish!

The water bottle is available in a 550ml and 1 litre version and comes complete with the first water filter. (Which filters the equivalent of 300 single serve bottles of water).

Bobble Water Bottle is made from BPA free plastic and is recyclable.

Bobble Water Jug - Mocha UK

Following on from the success of the water bottles, comes the Bobble Water Jug.

This innovative design will filter water instantly. Which means that its design is sleeker and more streamlined than other slow filtering water filter jugs – with their bulky second reservoirs.

The slim design fits easier into the fridge. Yet will still hold a capacious 2 litres of water. And its smart design makes it stylish enough to use as a serving jug on the table too.

The Bobble Water Jug also comes with its first filter, that will last for approximately two months or 150 litres of water.

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Koko SoftSpout Water Bottle

Koko SoftSpout Water Bottles

Koko SoftSpout Water Bottle is a drinking bottle with a difference.

It is designed with a soft, flexible spout , that offers a more comfortable drinking experience than from a hard rigid spout, and also controls the flow of water. In addition, the drinking bottle features a dome shaped cap with integrated handle for easy toting.

Functional and stylish, the sleek design of this reusable water bottle makes it ideal for use on the go, in the office or in the gym.

BPA free, it is made from Eastman Tritan copolyester with FDA approved silicone SoftSpout. It is both leak and stain resistant, as well as being dishwasher safe on the top rack.

Dimensions: H 27cm Capacity: 425 ml

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Urban and Origin Collection Bamboo Tableware

Urban and Origin are two new modern tableware collections made from eco-friendly bamboo. The tableware ranges which have just been launched by Mocha are available in a selection of colours inspired by nature.

Each range consists of a large dinner plate, a side/dessert plate, bowl and cup -and are dishwasher safe up to 40 degrees.

Urban Bamboo CollectionUrban Bamboo Collection Tableware

The distinctive square shape of the Urban Bamboo Collection makes it the perfect dinnerware set if you’re looking for stylish, modern tableware with a fresh feel. It is available in a range of bright contemporary colours.


Origin Bamboo CollectionOrigin Bamboo Collection Tableware

The tactile design, and warm earthly shades of the Origin Bamboo Collection make it the ideal dinnerware set if you’re looking for contemporary tableware with a relaxed, natural feel.




KOR Delta Water Bottle

Kor Delta Water Bottle

KOR Water’s goal is to create the world’s most stylish and functional reusable water bottles. And the new KOR Delta Water Bottle incorporates everything they have learned about the art of high style, high performance hydration.

Delta is a versatile on-the-go BPA free water bottle with a confident personality and groundbreaking new features. It is made from Eastman Tritan ™, which provides the look and feel of glass – without the fragility.

The water bottle has an easy to open, push button cap which stays out of the way when you drink. The innovative Perfect Spout ™ is designed to be large enough to accommodate ice cubes and has a threadless design that feels better on the lips. Delta also features a new safety latch design for worry-free closure; and the cap and vessel separate with a simple twist for easy cleaning.

It’s distinctive ergonomic handle is in the shape of the Delta – the ancient Greek symbol for change. Each bottle also comes with KOR Stones – little discs with inspirational messages that fit on the inside of the lid.

With the KOR philosophy of Design, Health and Sustainability, this beautifully designed water bottle will contribute to your well being – as well as helping to reduce disposable bottled water waste.

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Dopper Water Bottle

Dopper Water Bottle

Dopper Water Bottle is a bottle and cup in one. Designed to encourage drinking more tap water – and less bottled water – this sustainable and practical water bottle has just been launched by Mocha.

The innovative design by Dutch designer Rinke van Remortel features a two part lid. Unscrew just the cap to drink straight from the bottle; or remove both parts to create a drinking cup.

The versatile Dopper is perfect to take with you when on the go, on your desk at work or at the gym.  The bottle is BPA free, contains no harmful substances and has a food approved hallmark. It is also dishwasher safe.

With bottled water costing 500 times more than tap water, drinking tap water makes financial sense. According to the UK’s Consumer Council for water, based on drinking two litres of bottled water a day, it could save over £500 a year.

Drinking from a reusable water bottle also reduces plastic waste and is better for the environment. In addition, each purchase of the Dopper helps to support the SIMAVI organisation, contributing to drinking water projects in the poorest countries on the planet.