Luma Mobile Phone Night Light

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light from mochacasa

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light is a clip on lampshade that turns any smartphone into a fun and stylish night light.

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light from mochacasa

Although the flashlight app on a smartphone is useful, the light tends to be harsh. In addition, the phone needs to be held up to point the light in the right direction. However, clip on Luma and it diffuses the light to give a warm glow and even spread of light. (Which also means your mobile phone can be placed down on a surface and benefit from the light – hands free!)

Luma night light is helpful to have whenever you need a portable reading lamp and a useful accessory to take with you when you travel. It’s also light and small enough to carry with you in your bag to have with you, just in case.

Charging Charlie Cable Holder

Charging Charlie Cable Holder from Mocha

Charging Charlie Cable Holder will take charge of cable management, preventing your wires from falling and making sure you always have them to hand.

Charlie looks like he’s putting out a fire with the charging cable in his hands; he will hold it ready for action whenever you need it.

This original cable management solution is a funky yet practical product. His wide grip base prevents slippage and his right arm is adjustable to hold your cord.

A tidy way to organise wires or cell phone charging cables, there will be no more frustrating moments under the desk rummaging for fallen wires.

Dimensions: 9.7 x 7 x 10.6cm

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