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Cricket Stools

Cricket Stools from Mocha designed by Pierre OspinaCricket Stools are unique, handmade wooden stools made from original bats and wickets.

Designed by Pierre Ospina, “Rest for the Brits” Cricket Stools have initially only been produced in a limited batch.

They are ideal for use in your hallway; as breakfast stools in your kitchen, for occasional seating – or simply to make a design statement. And of course, why not sit on one while watching the cricket?

They are available in two sizes: large (bat size 5) and small (bat size 3); with an option for either a light or dark wood finish and a choice of six different handle colours.

The design is inspired by cricket as a British national emblem. Bearing and conveying symbols of the culture, the bats, stumps and bails imply the practice of the sport; but also its provenance and origin. Today, a vast majority of cricket instruments are not only made, but used and appreciated in Pakistan.

These meaningful elements have been given another incarnation, transposing them into the realm of sitting. Referring to the ideas of pause and reflection, the Cricket Stools underline a powerful cultural loop with a subtle touch of humour.

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ZipZip Modular Floor Cushions

ZipZip Modular Floor Cushions from MochaZipZip Modular Cushions are versatile floor cushions that can be connected with zips on all four sides.

These floor cushions are both playful and functional home furnishing accessories. And they can be used to create endless designs for sitting or lying down.

You could use them to make a relaxed sofa with coffee table in a TV room or bedroom. Or how about creating a cosy reading corner? They are ideal for use as occasional extra seating in the lounge when friends drop by; or you could even turn them into a guest bed. They are also perfect for a teen’s bedroom to create a stylish but casual interior.

ZipZip cushions are available in three different versions: a standard upholstered floor cushion; a cushion with pouch for storing accessories such as a notepad or remote control; or with a recessed solid oak wood tray with integral cup holder.


Delineo Sketch Frame

Delineo Sketch Frame from MochaDelineo Sketch Frame is a picture frame and sketch pad in one. It transforms and highlights your pictures and little notes, turning them into works of art.

When closed, Delineo appears to be a simple modern frame. But open it to reveal a notepad on which sketches, notes, pictures and messages can be added.

The sketch frame is a stylish accessory for your desk. Use it for sketching ideas, or to keep track of your to-do lists. Keep one handy wherever you need to leave a little note for someone. It also comes in useful to keep next to your bed for jotting down those flashes of inspiration at 2.00am in the morning.

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Video Notebook

Video Notebook - Notebook is a hardcover lined notepad designed to look like a VHS video cassette; for recording your ideas, thoughts, travel notes and recipes.

VHS video may now be just a nostalgic memory for most of us. But this retro notebook revisits the obsolete format that brought us so much joy in recording and playing back our favourite TV shows and films – over and over.

Celebrating only the best parts, the Video Notebook comes complete with a protective video cover and set of those famous sticky labels. It is ideal for carrying around in your bag, taking on your travels, keeping on your desk or storing on your bookshelf.

The notepad also makes an ideal gift for lovers of retro design, travelers, writers and film buffs.

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Loop Accessories Holder

Loop Accessories Holder from MochaLoop Accessories Holder is a simple but stylish organiser to take care of accessories all around your home and office.

Made of warm, tactile grey felt, it banishes clutter in style.

From your home office to the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom – Loop can be found wherever there are accessories to store and organise.

This stylish felt organiser will lovingly take care of all kinds of tools for you: desk accessories, kitchen utensils or make-up brushes. And keep everything organised and under control.

Loop Accessories Holder is made of pure 100% new wool felt. It is available in two sizes and two contemporary shades of grey.

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