Naomi Nutcracker from Mocha Casa

Naomi Nutcracker


Naomi Nutcracker combines aesthetics, function and fun in one clever gadget.This award winning spring-based nutcracker cracks nuts with the pull and release of the spring. And it also prevents the shells from flying around.
Design: Take2 Design

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    Product Description

    Naomi Nutcracker isn’t like other nutcrackers. It’s stylish, simple – and very effective.

    More often than not, when you try to crack nuts with other gadgets, you probably find that they smash the nuts to pieces and sends shell shrapnel flying across your room.

    Not so with the wonderfully springy Naomi. Your nut is placed in the stainless steel bowl under the spring. Then using two fingers you grip the ball, pull and stretch it to the side, putting it under tension. As soon as you release the ball, it slams down and cracks open the nut. And at that same moment, the conical spring closes around the nut, confining the shell fragments within the nutcracker.

    Naomi Nutcracker is stylish, yet simple, fun and also very effective. Which probably explains why it is a Reddot Award Winner.

    It’s a handy and beautiful accessory to keep on your coffee table and makes an ideal Christmas or housewarming gift. Check out the video below to see how it works.

    Dimensions: Dia 65 mm | H 100 mm | Weight 140 g

    Additional Information

    Weight .200 kg
    Dimensions 10 x 6.5 cm