Modern Antiquity Collection: Ancient Meets Modern

Modern Antiquity is a new homeware collection from Mocha.

It is inspired by designs from ancient Egypt Greece and Rome, and blended with contemporary Mediterranean and Scandinavian design influences. The result is an exciting ancient meets modern range of furniture and home accessories, infused with adventure and mystery – that is perfect for contemporary interiors.

All the pieces in the collection have been designed in-house by Samuel Ansbacher (with concept by Sarah Ansbacher). And the furniture and home accessories in the range are all handmade and exclusive to Mocha.

Pacco Antiquitus Floating Drawer from Mocha

Pacco Antiquitus is a floating shelf with concealed drawer. It is inspired by ancient Roman chests, furniture and armory. The floating drawer is designed to look like it has been made in dark aged wood with a band of antiqued gold and studs wrapped around it.

Handmade in solid birch ply, a discreet grip underneath allows you to slide open the drawer.

The versatile and space saving design of these floating drawers means they can be used in so many ways around the home. It is ideal for use as a bedside table, console table for the hallway or storage for a home office.
They can be used as bookshelves with hidden storage to keep clutter and personal items out of site. Or hang several of them down the wall to create a floating drawer unit.

Pyramid Phone Holder from Mocha

Pyramid Phone Holder combines contemporary Scandinavian design with inspiration from the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

It is the perfect place to rest your mobile on your desk or while charging. And because of the angle at which it holds your phone, it’s also useful while watching video clips, surfing the net or talking on skype.

Pyramid Phone Holder is handmade in solid birch ply, a material typically associated with Scandinavian design. But the first use of plywood was actually in ancient Egypt!

Nile Floating Shelf from Mocha

Nile Floating Shelf is handmade in wood and designed to look like it has inlays of Egyptian ceramics in turquoise and red surrounded by antique gold.

In ancient Egypt red was a colour that represented life and protection; turquoise, joy and promise, and gold was perfection.

The floating shelf is ideal for displaying home accessories, as a bookshelf for paperbacks. Or in the kitchen to display herbs and spices or mugs.

Continuum Clock from Mocha

Continuum Clock is designed to look like a wooden beam from ancient Rome, with a modern circuit board.

Continuum is Latin for continuous and uninterrupted. The name references the passage of time from antiquity to the present day. And the connection between many contemporary designs that have their original roots in the ancient world.

The timepiece is handmade in solid wood and each one is slightly different. It has an antiqued gold design with studs and contains a silent quality quartz drive mechanism.

Fun and Functional Homeware with Character

It is a homeware collection that’s fun, functional and full of personality.

These home accessories – available from Mocha – are designed to look like little characters. Useful around the home and office – they also help raise a smile at the same time.

Mr T Roll Holder


Mr T Roll Holder - Toilet Roll Holder from Mocha

Mr T Roll Holder is the latest addition to the homeware range.

Eye-catching and different, Mr T shows off his strength – while holding two spare rolls designed to look like weights.

The Mark Brothers Cable Labels

The Mark Brothers Cable Labels from Mocha

The Mark Brothers are a set of five cable labels that swing from the wires, and identify which device each cable belongs to.

The perfect cable management solution for a home office, TV or music system, they’ll make sure you never unplug the wrong lead again.

Boris Phone Holder

Boris Phone Holder from Mocha

Boris Phone Holder carries a mobile phone on his back while it charges and also keeps hold of the charging cable to keep it neat and tidy.

Designed to look like a mountain climber,  he will fit most styles of smart phones and hand-held music players.

Key Pete and Key Petite

Key Pete and Key Petite Key Holders from Mocha

Key Pete and Key Petite are magnetic Key Holders. With extra strong magnets in their hands, they’ll fix himself to any metal surface. And with their other hand, will hold up to twenty keys.

They’re also handy to have around the office to grasp office accessories with a metallic component such as your scissors, stapler or paperclips.

Charging Charlie Cable Holder

Charging Charlie Cable Holder from Mocha

Charging Charlie Cable Holder is a desk hero.  In bright fire engine red, and with his fireman’s cap, he’ll take charge of cable management, preventing wires from falling and making sure they are always to hand.

Multi Functional Home Accessories

There are many benefits to multi-functional home accessories.

Because these accessories do the job of two products, they maximise your space – and cut down on clutter. So they are perfect for small spaces.

In addition, home accessories with a dual purpose can also save you money. For the price of one product, you get two.

And sometimes two things just go better together than one. Like tea and biscuits!

Jot Desk Coaster from Mocha
Jot Desk Coaster is a multi-functional desk accessory combining a desk tidy with a coaster. It brings together two of your desk’s most essential items: your mug and your pens.

Embrace Coffee Table Storage Unit from Mocha
Embrace is a versatile piece of modern furniture that can be used in so many ways around your home. It is designed to function as a storage unit, book shelf, coffee table, side table, bench or a child’s desk and stool.

Concertina Candle Holder Vase from Mocha
Concertina Candle Holder Vase is a stylish home accessory in an elegant, minimalist style. In addition, it is incredibly useful and space saving. On one side it is a vase for flowers. Then turn it upside down, and it becomes a candle holder which can take either a tea light or candle.

Memo Mug from Mocha

Memo Mug is a dual purpose mug that also doubles as a message board. It’s so handy for jotting down notes – or leaving a love note for someone. And comes together with a dry-wipe pen. And if you’re looking to buy a gift for someone creative, Memo Mug makes a perfect present.

Karoto Sharpener Peeler from Mocha
Karoto Sharpener and Peeler looks like a scaled up version of the classic pencil sharpener – except that you use this one with vegetables. Use the sharpener to curl ribbons from carrots and other long vegetables. Then, at the other end there’s a vegetable peeler.

Dunk Mug from Mocha

The original Dunk Mug brings two of the very best things together: a nice hot drink with some biscuits. The biscuit slot will hold a few of your favourite biscuits. While the mug holds your coffee or tea, and is wide enough for you to dunk your biscuits if you like dunking.

Harp Vase: Ancient Meets Modern

Harp Vase from Mocha

Harp Vase is a fusion of ancient and modern design. Resembling an ancient harp, this original vase is handmade and designed by Samuel Ansbacher, exclusively for Mocha.

The design inspiration for the Harp Vase goes back to antiquity. There are influences from ancient Egypt, Greece and the legendary copper and turquoise mines of Timna – but reinterpreted with a contemporary twist.

The sleek lines of the turquoise vase are designed to look like an ancient lyre, with three glass tubes for flowers to resemble the strings. Bands of solid copper wrap around the neck of the vase, contrasting against the lacquered turquoise finish.

A unique decor accessory, the Harp Vase looks striking just as it is, or with the addition of flowers.

Harp Vase from Mocha

Harp Vase from Mocha

Arch Mirror

Arch Mirror from Mocha

Arch Mirror is a fresh new design inspired by Mediterranean and Scandinavian style influences. The wall mirror is designed by Samuel Ansbacher exclusively for Mocha.

It blends the modern clean lines and material typically used in Scandinavian design, together with the outline of an intricate arch traditionally found in Mediterranean and Moorish architecture. The result is a truly original creation. Arch Mirror is handmade in solid ply and features delicate dark inlays within the wood.

Perfect for a contemporary interior, the mirror is a striking decor accessory for the hallway, lounge or bedroom.

Dimensions: H37.5 x W27 x D3cm

Arch Mirror from Mocha