Pyramid Phone Holder handmade in birch ply from Mocha Casa designed by Samuel Ansbacher

Pyramid Phone Holder


Pyramid Phone Holder is inspired by the pyramids of ancient Egypt. And the perfect place to rest your modern mobile phone on your desk or while charging. The phone stand is also ideal for when you’re watching videos, surfing the net or talking on skype.
Design: Samuel Ansbacher

  • Mobile phone holder
  • Handmade in solid birch ply
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    Product Description

    Pyramid Phone Holder combines contemporary Scandinavian design with inspiration from ancient Egypt. And the result is a phone stand that’s perfect for modern living.

    It fits most sizes of smartphone. And it is an ideal place to hold your phone on the desk beside you, or while charging it. (For the iPhone or other mobiles with a charge point on the base, just place the phone on its side while charging.)

    Because of the angle at which it holds your phone, you’ll also find it really useful while watching video clips, looking at pictures, or talking on Skype or FaceTime.

    Pyramid is handmade in solid birch ply, a material quite typically associated with Scandinavian design. But you might also be surprised to learn that the first use of plywood was actually in ancient Egypt.

    Material: Birch ply
    Dimensions: H 9 x L 9.5 x 12 cm approx

    Additional Information

    Weight .400 kg
    Dimensions 9.5 x 12 x 9 cm

    21 – 28 days dispatch