Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl

Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl from mochacasa

Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl turns a classic souvenir into a daily kitchenware item. Featuring an enchanted house within that looks like it’s surrounded by snow, this dazzling sugar bowl makes a coffee break that much sweeter. And when not in use, it makes a beautiful decor accessory to display on your kitchen counter or on an open shelf.

Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl from mochacasa

To open, simply turn upside down, unscrew the base and spoon out the desired amount. The weight of the sugar will prevent the globe from tipping over.

Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl from mochacasa

You can also use Sugar House Snow Globe as a tea or coffee canister.

Oiladdin Pourer And Stopper: A Fun Way To Start Your Mediterranean Diet

Oiladdin Pourer and Stopper from Mocha Casa

Oiladdin Pourer and Stopper looks just like that legendary oil lamp.

Oiladdin olive oil pourer and stopper from

This one will grant you three wishes: easily poured olive oil, a clever seal to keep it fresh, and a magical look that adds charm to your bottle. Made of flexible silicone, it fits the neck of most standard bottles.

Oiladdin olive oil pourer and stopper from

The fun factor of this bright yellow pourer and bottle stopper is also likely to encourage you to use more olive oil in your dishes; and encourage a healthier Mediterranean diet.

So bring Oiladdin into your kitchen and onto your table to infuse your food with the passion and healthy eating style of the Mediterranean!

Kitchen Accessories With A Yellow Theme

Yellow kitchen accessories from Mocha Casa

Yellow. It’s the colour associated with optimism, creativity. It’s the colour of sunshine and spring.

So what could be a more perfect way to bring some spring into your home, than with the colour yellow? And being that it is the colour of creativity, some new kitchen accessories in this bright sunshine hue could be the perfect way to add a fresh new twist to your meals.

Tea Sub Submarine Tea Infuser

Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. Instant tea however, is no longer as in demand as it once was. The taste now is for loose leaf tea. So get yourself this on trend Tea Sub Submarine Tea Infuser and explore a new world of tea flavours.

Karoto Sharpener and Peeler in yellow

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to get back to healthy eating and delicious salads. With the Karoto Sharpener and Peeler you can garnish your salads with vegetable curls and ribbons – making them look even more tempting.

Spredo Butter Spreader and Salt Shaker from Mocha

Warm weather also means barbecue season. And what barbecue would be complete without corn on the cob? Spredo Butter Spreader and Salt Shaker is the perfect corn on the cob accessory. Place a chunk of butter inside to spread evenly on your corn without any mess. Then turn over to sprinkle on the salt held inside the integral salt shaker.


Tea Towel Horseshoe Arch Yellow from Mocha Casa

With this vibrant yellow Horseshoe Arch Tea Towel, even the washing up – one of our least favourite jobs – will seem more enjoyable. All the more so, after a great meal thanks to the assistance of some of your exciting new kitchen accessories. And when you’re not using it to dry the dishes, this stylish tea towel will make a great design statement in your kitchen.

How are you going to add some yellow to your kitchen for the new season?


Prepara iPrep Tablet Stand and Stylus

Prepara iprep tablet holder and stylus

Prepara iprep tablet and ipad holder with stylus

Prepara iPrep Tablet Stand and Stylus holds your iPad or tablet upright and safe from spillages.

It’s the perfect kitchen gadget when following online recipes on sites such as Pinterest (or those saved to Dropbox and Evernote). And means no more having to print out recipes.

The iPrep can hold the tablet at of four different angles for easy reading. A weighted base and non-slip rubber grip keeps the stand firmly planted in place.

The stand also comes with a handy stylus that is stored integrally in the hinge. It helps keep the screen clean from messy hands. It means web pages can be scrolled up and down without touching the screen with messy fingers. (Really helpful when following a recipe.) And when finished, the stylus can just be wiped clean.

Because it holds the tablet at a convenient angle, iPrep tablet stand is also a useful accessory when studying, doing research or even playing games.

Kitchen Accessories That Are Whimsical (But Also Very Practical)

At first glance, they may look whimsical. But these new kitchen accessories just launched by Mocha are also very practical.

Who hasn’t struggled to separate an egg yolk from the white while juggling with two egg shell halves (and more often than not dropping it in the process)? Or tried to find a sturdy cutlery drainer which doesn’t collect a pool of murky water at the bottom?

These useful products solve those very issues. And in addition, they have been designed with an element of humour, so that they raise a smile too.

Yolkfish Egg Separator from Mocha

YolkFish Egg Separator makes it quick and easy to separate egg whites from yolks – without the mess.

To use, just crack an egg into a bowl, and squeeze the fish, bringing it’s lips to the yolk. Then release, and YolkFish will swallow the yolk. Then just squeeze again to release it.

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer from Mocha

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer is the possibly the cutest way to dry cutlery.
Designed to look like an elephant, place him next to the sink with his trunk hanging over the edge. When you wash your cutlery, he’ll collect the run-off water. The water will then drip through his trunk straight back into the sink.

Jumbo can also be used in the bathroom as a toothbrush holder.

Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon from Mocha

Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon is a knight egg holder in shining armour.

This quirky egg holder will guard your boiled egg. He comes with a protective helmet which you can take off when it’s time to eat. And he’ll stand to attention as he holds your spoon in his right hand.