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Food Decorating Pen

Food Decorating PenFood Decorating Pen by Cuisipro quickly and easily decorates cakes, desserts, drinks and plates with decorative swirls or messages for professional results.

It is a simple as writing with a pen. Simply fill with sauces such as chocolate, icing, honey or berry sauce; then hold like a pen and gently squeeze the sides to release the liquid and decorate. There is even an option for fine or thick lines.

Price: £7.50

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Ice Cream Scoop and Snack

Ice Cream Scoop and SnackIce Cream Scoop and Stack by Cuisipro is a fun way to serve ice cream.

This clever kitchen gadget creates cylindrical blocks of ice cream that can be stacked in a cone or on a plate for a colourful and creative presentation.

With its ergonomic scooper, the ice cream scoop effortlessly cuts through the hardest ice cream witha a simple twist and lift action. And to release, just push the button at the top.

The scoop can be used to fill ice cream cones or produce creative desserts, effortlessly.

Price: £9.50

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Snail Tape Measure

Snail Tape MeasureSnail Tape Measure by Ototo is a fun and functional home accessory.

Accurate in both centimeters and inches, the retractable tape measure is designed to look like a snail.

The Snail Tape Measure is a handy accessory to have around the home or office and can also be attached to your keyring. Very useful next time your are out shopping. Now instead of wondering whether those home accessories you are thinking of buying will fit in your space, you’ll be able to whip out the tape measure and know for sure.

Price: £7.99

Tea Sub Submarine Tea Infuser

Tea Sub Submarine Tea InfuserTea Sub Submarine Tea Infuser submerges the tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating the perfect infusion of your tea.

The design of the TeaSub tea infuser is inpired by The Beatles’ yellow submarine. Fun as well as functional, the tea infuser can be used in a cup or teapot. Tea lovers know that using loose leaf tea creates the best tasting cuppa, and the Tea Sub now makes infusing loose tea as easy as using a tea bag. Designed by Ori Saidi and Dani Gassner.

Price: £7.99

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Jumpin’ Jack Salad Servers

Jumpin' Jacks Salad ServersJumpin’ Jack Salad Servers will stand to attention on your table until needed, and then dive into the bowl to scoop up and serve your salad.

Whether standing upright or plunged head first into your salad, these funky salad servers are guaranteed to bring a smile to your dinner table.

Designed by Ori Saidi and Dani Gassner.

Price: £12.99

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