Sports Huevos Egg Mould Tennis from Mocha

Sports Huevos Egg Mould: Tennis


Sports Huevos Egg Mould: Tennis will transform your hard boiled eggs, making them look like tennis balls. It’s the perfect kitchen accessory for tennis fans!

  • Tennis ball shaped egg mould
  • Gift idea for tennis lovers
  • Kitchen accessories
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    Product Description

    Designed to take your hard boiled egg and turn it into the shape of a tennis ball, Sports Huevos Egg Mould is a great way to liven up salads.

    To use, just follow the easy instructions. Peel your hard boiled egg while still warm. Place it in the base of the egg mould, close firmly and seal the fasteners on both sides. Then place it in ice cold water for a short while until the egg is cold. Your egg is now ready, so carefully remove and enjoy!

    Sports fans will love the egg mould and it makes the perfect gift for tennis lovers.

    Material: Plastic

    Additional Information

    Weight .200 kg
    Dimensions 6.8 x 7.4 x 5.2 cm