Accessories That Bring The Outside In

Mocha has just launched a range of new desk accessories that will help bring the outside in. If you are stuck at your desk, they will brighten up your workspace and give it a fresh new feel.

Sardine Paper ClipsSardine Paper Clips

Sardine Paper Clips in Mediterranean shades of aqua blue and green, will help keep your ocean of paper neat and organised.

These fish shaped paperclips come packaged in a cool, reusable ‘sardine tin’ and come as a set of 30.

Leaf-it Sticky NotesLeaf-it Sticky Notes

Leaf-it is an original take on the sticky note pad.

Use them to write down daily notes and reminders, or as bookmarks. You could decorate a wall with them or create a tree installation filled with your inspiring ideas.

These fresh green leaves will brighten up your office and give it an organic vibe. So throw out those staid yellow notes, and introduce some refreshing leaf shaped ones for an inspirational workspace.

Lenny Memo HolderLenny Memo Holder

Let me introduce you to Lenny – the perfect assistant for your desk.

Laid back Lenny can display your reminders in his mouth, or hold your pen for you at the ready.  Fully loaded with 140 white paper notes, let Lenny the memo holder keep your desk organised in his own chilled out style.

Autumn Leaf Door StopAutumn Leaf Door Stop

Autumn Leaf Door Stop is made to look as though a leaf has just blown into your home.

Made from recyclable, rubberised plastic, this natural looking door stop in
lush green is a subtle home accessory to enhance your interior.



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