Dreamy Outdoor Fireplaces

Mediterranean style outdoor fireplace

With spring just around the corner, our thoughts naturally turn to the idea of the warm sunny days ahead.

In the winter we try to bring a taste of the outside in with plants, greenery and other touches of nature. Whereas in the summer, when we spend more time outdoors, we do the opposite. We bring some of the inside out.

What I really like is the Mediterranean style of turning outdoor spaces into an extension of the home. More than merely taking a couple of chairs out, the garden or terrace becomes an outdoor living room.  And the space is carefully considered with furniture, accessories and potted plants. Much like the interior of your home.


Design Tips: What To Do If Your Room Doesn’t Have A View?

Blue plantation blinds in a home office

I recently wrote about why we are attracted to a room with a view. But what do you do if your room doesn’t have a good view?

If you live in a built-up urban environment, this is an all too common problem. And one I can relate to. The first home my husband and I moved into was a little flat above shops. We had a view of a car park and dustbins on one side, and a view of the main road and petrol station on the other. Quite grim, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

When the view outside your window isn’t a very appealing one, one design trick is to draw attention away from the window altogether. Turn the view inwards, and instead, make something else the focal point.


5 Smart Interior Design Ideas From An Attic Flat

Interior design ideas for small spaces from an attic flat

This flat in the attic of an old tenement house in Poland was designed as a live / work space for a couple who are both graphic designers.

Compact in size, and with a sloping ceiling, the flat could have felt small and cramped. But with smart use of space and interior design techniques, Sabina Królikowska of INSIDE home design has created a beautiful airy apartment which feels very spacious. And aspects that could have made it an awkward space are transformed into features which turn it into an extraordinary home.

The apartment is full of inspired decorating and interior design ideas. So I thought I would highlight some of them that you could use in your own home.


Why Design Constraints Can Give You a More Creative Home

Fallingwater by architect Frank Lloyd Wright

What would your dream home look like?

Is it by the sea, in the mountains, or surrounded by a forest of trees?

Everyone has their own vision of a dream home. But one thing they usually all have in common is that they are spacious and everything fits in perfectly.

In reality, though, it may be the total opposite. Perhaps there are space constraints in your home that make it challenge to fit in all your furniture and belongings. Or it might have unusual features that are difficult to work with.

However, it is those very design constraints that can result in a more creative home.


7 Design and Decorating Links Worth Reading

3D origami featured on Design MilkIf you’re looking for decorating ideas for your home, or just a bit of design inspiration, there are some really creative interior blogs to discover around the web. I’ve compiled for you here a selection of some of the best blog posts I came across this week.

A Colour Scheme of Black, Grey and Tea Rose Pink

Will of Bright.Bazaar has a real knack for putting great colour combinations together in ways you may have never thought of. But that really work. This week, he showed how black, grey and slate can be combined beautifully as a colour scheme. The more industrial looking black and greys are softened by adding accents of soft tea rose pink. Creating a good balance and original colour palette.


My Work Space: Will from Bright.Bazaar

Working from your own home office certainly has its advantages: and is something more and more of us are doing either full or part time. But it can also present some design, space and organisational challenges.

In this new series we speak to a variety of interesting people who all work from home. They’ll give us guided tours of their work space, share some home office design ideas and tips on how they work and get organised.

Will Taylor from the interior blog Bright Bazaar

For this first feature, let me introduce you to Will who is a freelance writer and stylist living in the UK. You might already know him from the popular interior blog he writes – Bright.Bazaar – which focuses on colour and bright interiors.

As you might have expected, Will’s workspace is stylish and organised, with dashes of colour and some cool desk and office accessories.