My Work Space: Will from Bright.Bazaar

Working from your own home office certainly has its advantages: and is something more and more of us are doing either full or part time. But it can also present some design, space and organisational challenges.

In this new series we speak to a variety of interesting people who all work from home. They’ll give us guided tours of their work space, share some home office design ideas and tips on how they work and get organised.

Will Taylor from the interior blog Bright Bazaar

For this first feature, let me introduce you to Will who is a freelance writer and stylist living in the UK. You might already know him from the popular interior blog he writes – Bright.Bazaar – which focuses on colour and bright interiors.

As you might have expected, Will’s workspace is stylish and organised, with dashes of colour and some cool desk and office accessories.

Home office of Will from Bright Bazaar

Describe your work space?
I decorated it with a muted range of grey neutrals, with a dash of black for masculinity. I added in some yellow hues as I always need at least some colour, after all it is what I love. We are renting so we are not allowed to paint or wallpaper, so I tried to add some interest with whimsical items such as the grandfather clock.

What are your three essential home office accessories?

A good supply of stationery (pens, notebooks etc), books nearby for inspiration and a never-ending pot of coffee!

Is there anything on your wish list that you’d love to have for your workspace?
It’s purely for decorative purposes but I have been hankering after a vintage 1950’s Royal typewriter to place on the windowsill above my desk. I find that there’s something comforting about them.

Desk in the home office of Will Taylor from interior blog Bright Bazaar

How do you think design can help in creating a productive home office?
For me it’s all about good organisation. I work so much better when all my paperwork is filed, I have a pen to hand when needed and that the desk is near a window for both natural light and inspiration.

What inspires you?
Magazines (and lots of them!), long walks, creative visual merchandising.

Do you have a To-Do list – and if so what system do you use?
I sure do! In the pictures of my office you can see a small notebook with camera illustrations printed onto it. Well, in there I write daily to-do lists (or at least I try to!). Sometimes I’ll pop things onto my iPhone, but I like the satisfaction of being able to cross things off when they are done. Small things, and all that jazz…!

Desk drawer lined with yellow and white striped paper and notebook with camera illustrations on cover


Any tips for creating an organised work space?
I try to set aside half an hour a week for organising my workspace so that I keep on top of bills, letters and other paperwork. I’ve also colour co-ordinated my files so that I can quickly and easily file away (and find when needed) paperwork.

Where would be your dream destination to work mobile?

I like to write and plan my shoots from home. Sure, I gain inspiration whilst out propping or on exotic holidays but I feel I write best when I am in the comfort of my own home. That said, I do enjoy living and working in the city, so it just depends on my mood!

Books on the desk in the home office of Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar

Photo credit: Will / Bright.Bazaar


  1. Love the organized office, I also like to collect magazines, just wondering where Will keeps/organizes his ?

  2. Love this post – I’m such a fan of Bright.Bazaar and this was great seeing behind the scenes of a genius at work.

  3. Fab office – great aspect from the window. Max you could try these interlocking shelves for magazines (books, files anything really) and they come in white, black, red or purple.

  4. Hi Max! I bought a couple of industrial-type shelving units in white and dark grey from IKEA for £12 ( and I stock them on there!