7 Different Ways To Use The Picture Ledge Floating Shelf

Picture Ledge Floating Shelf from Mocha Casa

A Picture Ledge Floating Shelf is a great way to display artwork and decorative objects. You can quickly and easily change your display as often as you like, without having to think about knocking new nails into your wall each time.

But that’s not the only way you can use a picture ledge. They have so many other useful purposes too.

Here are seven other ways in which you can use this versatile floating shelf around your home.


5 Ways To Use The Grass Floating Shelf

Grass Floating Shelf from mochacasa

Do you want some extra storage space around your home? And would you like to bring the outside in by adding more greenery to your interior? If so, then the new Grass Floating Shelf will tick the boxes for you.

Just launched online in the Mocha Casa store, this versatile, organically shaped floating shelf will add some verdant green to your walls. It’s a great way to add an element of biophilic design. But even more, it can be used to serve many different functions.

Here are five of the ways you could use Grass Floating Shelves in your home.


Easy Ways To Add The New Minimalist Look To Your Home

Minimalist living room with plants

When you picture a minimalist interior, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s an all white room with a sterile feel; the kind of look that was popular back in the nineties.

Minimalism is back, but this time it is different. Warm and comfortable, it blends a pared-down feel with contemporary, rustic and natural elements. The result is a simplicity that is easy to live with and turns our homes into a sanctuary away from the hectic world outside.

The new minimalist look works so well for the way we live our lives today and it’s easy to add into your home – whatever your interior style.


9 Clever Designs That Integrate Storage With Stairs

Nine Clever Designs That Integrate Storage With Stairs | Mocha UK Blog

There are two elements of interior design I find particularly fascinating: staircases and smart storage ideas.

Staircases are transitional spaces that take you on a journey, transporting you from one area to another. While at the same time, their forms can also create an interesting architectural feature or focal point.

And who ever has enough storage? I love finding new solutions – especially those that use space in such innovative ways.

Now put the two together and you have a dynamic combination!

There are so many clever ways storage can be integrated with stairs: under, over and even inside.

Here are a few inspired ideas showing different ways your staircase can be used to provide valuable extra storage space, or serve an additional purpose.


7 Original Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Home (And Your Mood)

Seven Original Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Home And Your Mood

Let’s begin the first full week of January on a bright note.

The combination of going back to work after the holidays, together with short winter days can lead to a touch of the blues. But here’s one way to lighten up those dark days – with some great lighting ideas.

Researchers have made the connection between lighting and our mood. According to the IALD, lighting can enhance the mood and desirability of a space.

Brightening up your home with atmospheric lighting can really help to lift the spirit. So here are some ideas for using it to create a warm and welcoming home to come back to at the end of the day.


A Small Duplex Apartment That Will Take Your Breath Away

Airy duplex apartment in Gothenburg

Have you ever noticed that the interiors of small homes are often far more creative than larger ones? When space is limited, you have to be very inventive with it.

I recently came across this breathtaking little duplex apartment. And it illustrates perfectly what can be achieved with well-considered, innovative design.

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a building dated from 1906, this unique one bedroom apartment measures just 62 square metres in size. But a combination of meticulous planning and styling together with amazing natural light and architectural features gives it a spacious and airy feel. And makes it appear much larger.

The epitome of Scandinavian design, there is so much to love about this apartment.


7 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Happy Haven For Winter

Hygge, throw and candles

Now that the clocks have gone back for winter and it gets dark earlier, it can feel quite gloomy and miserable. And with colder weather setting in, you’ll probably be spending more time indoors.

So here are some ways to brighten up your home and turn it into a happy haven for the winter months.


10 Mediterranean Living Room Ideas

Living room ideas and home accessories

Are you looking to give your living room a fresh new look for spring and summer? Then why not take some cues from from around the Mediterranean region and give your room a sunny vibe (whatever the weather outside!). Just a few simple simple decorating updates can make all the difference.

Here are 10 Mediterranean living room ideas to inspire you.


Decorating With Light And Shadow

Architecture of Villa F - light and shadow on Mocha UK

Have you ever noticed that so many architectural homes have predominantly white interiors? 

When a home has interesting features, it doesn’t need much decoration. Sometimes the best thing is to keep it simple.  Let the architecture do the talking. And the interplay of light and shadow becomes the decorating.

Too much colour or pattern might detract from the shapes and obscure the details. Whereas the contrast between the light and dark shadows creates depth. And it can also be very atmospheric.


The Secret To A Luxurious Home

Luxurious bedroom with four poster bed

What makes a home feel luxurious?

I recently had a really interesting discussion with a friend on this very subject. And we realised that it isn’t just one obvious thing.

Sometimes, you walk into a place and it feels right – it just works. A home doesn’t have to be large or have expensive furnishings.

On the contrary, a house can be big, yet feel cavernous and cold. Or it can still look a cluttered mess, despite its size. Whereas a small space can have a luxury boutique hotel feel about it.

An interior filled with opulent furniture isn’t always a luxurious one. Sometimes, it can have the opposite effect. Have you ever walked into an ostentatiously decorated room that made you feel uncomfortable, and perhaps a little overwhelmed?

The secret is that there are several elements that can help give a home an air of luxury. And I thought I’d share with you how to make your home feel luxurious.