5 Smart Interior Design Ideas From An Attic Flat

Interior design ideas for small spaces from an attic flat

This flat in the attic of an old tenement house in Poland was designed as a live / work space for a couple who are both graphic designers.

Compact in size, and with a sloping ceiling, the flat could have felt small and cramped. But with smart use of space and interior design techniques, Sabina Królikowska of INSIDE home design has created a beautiful airy apartment which feels very spacious. And aspects that could have made it an awkward space are transformed into features which turn it into an extraordinary home.

The apartment is full of inspired decorating and interior design ideas. So I thought I would highlight some of them that you could use in your own home.

1) Light and bright

The decorating scheme has deliberately been kept light and bright. The white walls help to bounce the light around. As do the floors, which have a slight reflective sheen. And by decorating the flat the same throughout, it creates a sense of cohesiveness which makes it feel spacious and airy.

The white walls also act as the perfect backdrop to highlight home accessories, graphics and pictures.

Interior design ideas pops of colour

2) Pops of colour

Isn’t it amazing what a difference that yellow tablecloth makes to the whole space? Your eyes are instantly drawn to it. A simple tablecloth – together with the yellow hanging light above – gives the apartment such a happy and welcoming feel.

And the great thing is that it’s so easy to change and give your home a new look. (And keep an eye out for the other yellow home accessories dotted around the rest of the apartment too.)

Interior design ideas storage ideas

3) Storage ideas

Even though the apartment may be small, it has plentiful storage which helps keeps it uncluttered. I especially love the built-in storage that runs the width of the flat from the bedroom  – where it also doubles as a bedside table – all the way to the kitchen. It makes clever use of space that would otherwise have been lost.

Notice as well the mix of open shelving and closed storage throughout the apartment. The open shelving is used to display beautiful objects and the graphics that the couple are so passionate about. While the closed storage can hold all the essentials of the household that are necessary, but not particularly exciting to look at.

home office storage ideas

Biophilia bringing nature inside

Biophilic design ideas

4) Biophilia

The designer has used biophilia to such great effect to help bring the outside in. It builds a connection between the view from the kitchen window of the trees outside, and the apartment’s interior.

The old wooden beams have been kept natural, to make a feature of them. It adds a rustic feel and it almost appears like you are walking between trees. This is echoed in the bathroom with the vase filled with branches and the rustic wooden stool.

In different areas of the flat potted plants and herbs add a vibrant touch. And there are even references to nature in some of the home accessories. There’s the flower pendant light hanging above the table and the floral Marimekko print cushion. The cushion also cleverly references both the the lights above the table, as well as the the yellow cloth.

Interior design ideas kitchen ideas

5) Room dividers

Even though the apartment is open plan (apart from the bathroom), it has been cleverly divided into different zones. A raised platform separates the office from the rest of the apartment. While half height storage and floating shelves creates a separate area for the kitchen.

There are so many other smart decorating and interior design ideas in this flat. What do you love most about it? And did it give you any styling ideas? Please tell me in the comments below.

[Image credits: Sabina Królikowska INSIDE home design / Behance ]


  1. Love the bedroom, I can imagine looking at the sky through the window in the middle of night…must be great view 😀

  2. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful tips of yours. Dividers are great idea especially if you have a little space.

  3. I really like the combination of colors in interior and especially the light fixture. Great work!