Design Tips: What To Do If Your Room Doesn’t Have A View?

Blue plantation blinds in a home office

I recently wrote about why we are attracted to a room with a view. But what do you do if your room doesn’t have a good view?

If you live in a built-up urban environment, this is an all too common problem. And one I can relate to. The first home my husband and I moved into was a little flat above shops. We had a view of a car park and dustbins on one side, and a view of the main road and petrol station on the other. Quite grim, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

When the view outside your window isn’t a very appealing one, one design trick is to draw attention away from the window altogether. Turn the view inwards, and instead, make something else the focal point.

Modern rustic fireplace - Scandinavian style interior

Choose a feature that enhances your space. It could be an architectural element such as a fireplace. Or if you don’t have any special architectural details, use a piece of furniture you love – like  your bed or a favourite armchair. Then design your room around it, to make that your central feature.

Bedroom with wood cladding

If the view outside is very stark and urban, it’s a good idea to bring some nature into your home, with some plants and greenery.

Living room with plants

You could give your home the feeling of an indoor garden, like this bedroom with an indoor tree and light well.

Bedroom with indoor tree

Alternatively, how about adding an over-sized wall mural, with an image of the ideal view you’d love for your room?

Bedroom wall mural of rain forest

Naturally, you’ll you still want to let some light in. Window blinds or plantation shutters are an ideal solution for this. As you can adjust the amount of light you let in, keeping your room bright, while obscuring the view. And there’s something so attractive about the contrasting light and shadow patterns they create.

Window blinds - Moroccan fretwork

Bedroom with plantation shutters and curtains

Or how about this for a great idea? Combine plants with window blinds. Instead of hanging window boxes outside your window, place them inside so you can appreciate your plants. Add a blind which you can partially drop,  and your main view is now one of greenery – and daylight!

Interior plant window boxes

What’s the view like from your home? And do you have any other tips on what to do if your room doesn’t have a view?

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  1. Those blue shutters are INCREDIBLE! I think that’s going on the shopping list for the renovation.

  2. Awesome and Creative tips. The new apartment i’m viewing doesn’t have a view, to be honest, a view of a crappy suburban neighbourhood. I will use these tips.

  3. That mural is amazing!!! I bought an ocean scene mural a while back for our bedroom which I have still not installed. I changed my mind because I’m in a rental and I figured it’d be a pain to take off and repainted the wall when we move out. This has definitely inspired me to put it up once I’m in a more relatively permanent situation.

    • It’s amazing how it can completely change the look of a room (especially if you don’t have a good view outside).