7 Alternatives To Bedside Tables For Small Spaces

Pacco Floating Drawer bedside tables from mochacasa.com

If you have a small bedroom it can be a challenge to find bedside tables that will fit the space. Naturally, though, you’d still like a place to store your book, cup of water and all the other essentials that you keep next to your bed. So what’s the solution?

Here are some alternatives to standard bedside tables, that can perform the same role beautifully, without taking up too much space. And moreover, they’ll also add some style and interest to your room.

1) Floating bedside table

A floating shelf and drawer like the one above offers you space to store items on the shelf surface, while hiding others out of the way in the hidden drawer. Because it’s floating and you can see the floor beneath, it has a light, airy feel which can help to make your bedroom look bigger. While the natural birch ply adds warmth and a touch of Scandinavian style.

And if you need more storage, why not mount a group of three floating drawers together like this?

Pacco Floating Drawers - bedside tables - Mocha Casa

Box shelves as bedside tables for small spaces

2) Box shelves

If you want to maximise storage, another good idea is a stack of box shelves one on top of the other. It makes an attractive feature that gives you place to store and display accessories.

Scandinavian style bedroom with stool as a bedside table

3) Stool

For a minimalist look, a simple wood stool can work really well as a nightstand. Then when you have guests over and need extra seating, it can double up as an extra chair.

Rustic tree trunk bedside table

4) Tree trunk table

Enough to hold the basics, a rustic tree trunk table adds  some Mediterranean style. And it lends your bedroom a boutique hotel like feel so that you feel like you’re on holiday all year round!

Ladder bedside table

5) Wooden ladder

A wooden ladder is another way to add a rustic touch to your bedroom. And they can be used in a multitude of ways which is useful when space is limited. Clip a light onto it, keep the place in your books and magazines by placing them over the rungs, or add hooks to hang items of clothing.

A headboard with storage space

6) Headboard with storage

Instead of a piece of furniture beside your bed, you could think about a headboard with built in storage. The pull out shelves are ideal for helping to keep your room clutter free. While you can use the top surface for reading lamps, or to display objects and art.

Floating shelves bedroom storage

7) Floating shelves

If space is exceptionally tight next to your bed – or you’d like lots of extra storage – another good idea is to place rows of floating shelves behind it. The open shelves make a striking display feature. And you can use boxes to hide other items out of the way.

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[Image credits: 1-2 – Mocha Casa | 3 – Alvhem | 4 – Fantastic Frank | 5 – Yatzer – images: Ioanna Roufopoulou via The Style Files | 6 – vtwonen | 7 – Cote Maison | 8 – Hempel –  Mocha Casa ]