7 Good Reasons To Have Plants In Your Home Office

Desk shelves in a home office filled with plants and flowers

Do you have plants in your home? Perhaps fragrant fresh herbs growing in the kitchen, a collection of sculptural little succulents, or some lush trailing plants in your living room?

Plants are now a familiar feature in stylish interiors and practically considered an essential home decor element. We’re re-discovering the beauty of bringing nature into the home and embracing biophilic design.

Plants and Pacco Monitor Stand and Drawer on a minimalist desk

But often our desk or home office gets neglected. When in fact it’s just as important – if not more so – to have some plants where you work.

There are so many benefits to having them in your work space and it could help change the way you work. Yes, really!

So now it’s time to take things a step further by bringing some biophilia into your workplace.

Here are seven reason to add some plants to your home office today.


9 Home Office Ideas To Inspire You

Home Office Ideas To Inspire You

Do  you work from home?

Whether full or part time, more of us are now working from home than ever before. According to a recent report from the Office for National Statistics, the number of people in the UK who work from home has risen to its highest levels since records began.

Whether you’re running a small business or writing a blog you need a space to work from. And having a beautiful, organised space in which to work will help to increase your productivity.

So if you’re about to set up your own home office in a corner of your home, or thinking of redecorating your existing one, here are nine of the most stylish home office ideas to inspire you.


How To Use Colour In Your Home Office To Increase Productivity

Home office in grey and white

If you work from home, you’ll know how easy it is to get distracted. And how hard it can sometimes be to concentrate.

You probably already realise that clutter doesn’t help. (Neither does Facebook, that pile of dishes or thinking about the washing that needs to go into the machine.)

But here’s a simple design trick that could help increase your productivity: the use of colour.

Yes, colour has far more benefits than brightening up our homes – and lives. It can also have a strong effect on our moods. And colour psychologists have long been aware that certain hues will influence the way we work.

So why not harness the power of colour in your home office to increase productivity?


A Dream Home Office: Diogene Cabin by Renzo Piano for Vitra

Diogene Cabin from Vitra by Renzo Piano - Mocha UK

I have this dream of having a house with a long lush secluded garden. At the bottom of it there would be a little self contained home office. A serene space to work, write and create with just the sounds of the rustling trees and birdsong outside…

I think the Diogene Cabin fits the picture perfectly and would make an ideal home office and sanctuary.

Designed by architect Renzo Piano and RPBW for Vitra, Diogene is described as Vitra’s smallest building – but largest product.

Named after the classical Greek philosopher Diogenes, (who is said to have lived in a barrel and rejected worldly luxuries) it looks deceptively simple. But is in fact a fully self sufficient little minimalist house.


My Work Space: Will from Bright.Bazaar

Working from your own home office certainly has its advantages: and is something more and more of us are doing either full or part time. But it can also present some design, space and organisational challenges.

In this new series we speak to a variety of interesting people who all work from home. They’ll give us guided tours of their work space, share some home office design ideas and tips on how they work and get organised.

Will Taylor from the interior blog Bright Bazaar

For this first feature, let me introduce you to Will who is a freelance writer and stylist living in the UK. You might already know him from the popular interior blog he writes – Bright.Bazaar – which focuses on colour and bright interiors.

As you might have expected, Will’s workspace is stylish and organised, with dashes of colour and some cool desk and office accessories.


The Secret to Having a Clear Desk

A minimalist clear white desk with laptop, flowers and stylish desk lamp

A clear desk is like a blank piece of paper: a space for new potential, possibilities and ideas.

But standing between us and that ideal working environment is paperwork. Clutter creating and time consuming, it stifles creativity and productivity.

There’s an almost mysterious process as it gradually morphs on your desk, and you’re suddenly faced with a threatening mass invading your workspace. So daunting, that often the temptation is to try and ignore it, in the hope it will simply disappear (by trying to hide it with yet more paper on top).

Then one day, the inevitable happens.  You need an essential document and are forced to spend ages rummaging  through the chaos  in order to locate it.

How can we prevent that overwhelming paper clutter and the stress it brings with it?
What is the secret to having a clear minimalist desk where we can work more efficiently and with a sense of calm?