Beautiful Outdoor Living Rooms

outdoor living rooms from Mocha

Picture this.

It’s a hot summer day and you’re sitting in the garden on a comfy sofa, shaded from the sun. You’ve got a good book in your hand, and an ice cool drink on the table in front of you. What could be more perfect?

While writing the recent post on Mediterranean living room ideas I came across so many beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Spaces where the decor had been as well considered as any interior.

Throughout the Mediterranean, it’s common to find the garden or any outdoor area transformed into an extra living room for the summer months.

And the outdoor space isn’t necessarily large. Sometimes it’s just a tiny terrace or balcony.

I’ve been so inspired by these outdoor living rooms I discovered. The furnishing and accessories, and the way they have been designed to blend with nature. They make the perfect place to spend time during the summer.

Imagine taking your office outside to do some work on your laptop? Or how about one of those balmy summer evenings just as the sun is going down – with some chill-out music, drinks and a group of good friends?

It would almost feel like being on a permanent holiday!

A blue and white terrace outdoor living room on Mocha UK blog

The design of this terrace is so co-ordinated. It really is a living room that just happens to be outdoors. From the blue and white colour scheme of the sofa covers and cushions, to the blue painted details and plant pots. But it’s that Moorish design tiled floor which makes the biggest statement.

The climbing plant and palm trees bring the room to life. And don’t you love the way the shady woven roof casts such atmospheric shadows across the room?

Outdoor room with turquoise decor accents

The turquoise, lilac and light green decor accents lend such a summery feel to this outdoor room. It works so well with the abundant greenery. And I like the way they have also chosen a tablecloth in the same matching colours.

The white sail is the perfect finishing touch. As well as offering shade from the sun, it helps define the space. And also adds a light floaty feel.

Minimalist terrace overlooking the sea on Mocha blog

The scenery is so beautiful that this minimalist terrace doesn’t really need much decoration at all. That amazing view. The white walls contrasted against the blue sea. The tall cactus to add a sense of drama and some greenery. A simple lounger to relax on. All the perfect ingredients. Simplified.

Outdoor room with mirror

The combination of white and natural earthly tones creates a perfect balance. The folding chairs lend a safari theme. While the plants and succulents make it a lush outdoor space.

But the hanging mirror is the surprising twist. And it’s that detail that makes the whole space.

Outdoor space with hanging chandelier

It’s the unexpected touches that turn this very simple outdoor space into something extraordinary. The group of three plant repeats on the table adds greenery and subtle decoration.

But the real show stopper is the ornate chandelier that appears to be suspended from the bent trunk of a tall old tree. It is in such marked contrast to the rustic wooden tables and bench.

small terrace living room

This tiny balcony shows what is possible even with a very small amount of space.

The width may only provide seating for one. But soft furnishings and abundance of decorative lanterns for when it’s dusk, give it a luxurious feel.

Outdoor living room cinema

A movie night under the stars!

A garden transformed into an outdoor living room and cinema. Complete with loungers, scatter cushions, clusters of rustic woven lampshades and candlelight. Even popcorn. What a dream space …

I hope these outdoor rooms have given you some inspiration to decorate your garden, terrace or balcony this summer.

Or, why not re-style your living room to give it a sunny, summery vibe? So instead of bringing the inside out – bring the outside in.

And I’d love you to tell me in the comments below: which of these outdoor rooms is your favourite? And why?

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  1. Wonderful outdoor spaces, Sarah. They made me daydream a bit as it’s a rather grey and cold day here today…

  2. Wow. These are really good living room designs.