Customer Testimonials

At Mocha we really appreciate and care about our customers. We strive to offer you good customer service with a personal touch; and bring you one of the most original collections of furniture, homeware, and gifts in the UK.

Here’s a selection of what customers are saying about Mocha:

“We have received the drawers and they are perfect!”
Gaby, The Netherlands – Sept 2015

“The units are fab 🙂 “
Alex, Norfolk, UK – Dec 2014

“Thank you for the shelves and vases Sarah, they’re just what we wanted and are excellent.”
Rob, Cheshire, UK – Dec 2014

“I am very impressed with your business.”
Peter, London, UK – Dec 2014

“Sarah, [the drawers] look beautiful … Thanks for everything.”
Harry, USA – November 2014

“Just to say that the shelves have arrived and they are definitely worth the wait!”
Julie, Swindon, UK – October 2014

“I received my two floating shelves at work today! And they were worth the wait! They are fabulous. Finished beautifully and just the right size for a guest room. Or any room in fact. Seriously considering ordering a few more in the coming weeks.

So thank you very much, for not ‘fibbing’ on the web site. What I saw is actuallynot as good as I got! The photo’s don’t do them justice. And for keeping me informed, especially when I was getting concerned whether I would receive them before I left. Please pass on my thanks to the Craftsman Samuel Ansbacher.

And I appreciate the service you have given along with it. So with a heartfelt big thanks.”
Angela, Lincolnshire, UK – June 2014

“I picked up the drawer … yesterday (YEAH!) and it’s just fabulous. Thanks so much for such a cool item and following up on the delivery.”
Tricia, USA – May 2014

“I just received the floating drawers, they are perfect and such a fast delivery it’s amazing. Thanks!”
Martine, Canada – July 2013

“I will definitely be buying from your store again – you have some really awesome things.”
Chris, Weymouth, UK – June 2013

“Thank you … what a marvellous service … it arrived today. Very pleased with this quirky buy! Will definitely keep an eye on your stock in future.”
Valerie, East Sussex, UK – April 2013

“I just wanted to say HOLY CRAP that shipping was fast! I thank you so much for the prompt delivery as this is a Christmas gift for my left-handed husband, and I was very worried about this traveling so far before then.
You’re awesome, thank you!!!!!!!!!!”
Nicole, Iowa, USA – December 2012

“I received my new jar this afternoon and am over the moon! You have given a personal touch to your responses to me and I am so grateful! I will be ordering from you without a doubt in the future and will definitely recommend your company to friends. Again many thanks.”
Gemma, Wiltshire, UK – September 2012

“Great service I must say – very impressed. Would definitely use your website again for gifts.”
Louise, Edinburgh, Scotland – April 2012

“I really appreciate the effort you have put into making sure your company has a very happy customer. Rest assured that I will not hesitate, now or in the future, to select items as gifts or for personal use. And I will be recommending you to anyone looking for that special something. I look forward to contacting you again in the near future.”
Thelma, Devon, UK – April 2012

“I’d just like to take this opportunity to say how much I like your products. They make great gifts… And I’ll most definitely be ordering more in the future!”
Sarah, Lancs, UK – Nov 2011

“Thanks for the excellent service …Would certainly recommend you.”
Vanessa, Kent, UK – September 2011

“I ordered a Clack egg topper from you, and the service was fantastic – Iiterally got it the day after I ordered it. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I was so chuffed with it, that I blogged about it, and thought you might like to read it!”
Anne, Oxfordshire, UK – September 2011

“It has arrived in perfect order. The gift-receiver was very happy with it. Thanks for the nice service 🙂 “
David, Belgium – September 2011

“Thank you for all your help – the Clack egg crackers arrived safely, and on time.”
Norton, Australia – August 2011

“The website looks great. It’s very easy to navigate, not fussy, and easy to use.”
Natalie, Herfordshire, UK – June 2011

“I love your products and think your buyer has done a marvelous job at selecting unique, contemporary items”
Sue, USA – September 2010

“Thank you for your prompt service! I look forward to receiving the order in the next few days”
Alan, Wales, UK – September 2010

“Thank you, and your team, for ensuring the speedy delivery of my order – the mugs arrived the next morning! I really appreciate the excellent help and service and shall certainly be recommending your company to my friends and family.”
Alison, UK – July 2010

“Thanks again for your reply. Have been really impressed with your responses and service. I have placed my order now. The mugs I have ordered are gifts, but I reckon I’ll be back again soon to order one for myself!”
Michaela, UK – July 2010

“Thank you! You made shipping to the US very easy 🙂 “
Katie, USA – June 2010

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on your excellent service and customer relations.

If I am to be honest I initially wrote to you with no faith that anything would be done about my problem with the mug. In my experience most companies both big and small aren’t really concerned what happens after they put the money in the till – and customer service has unfortunately become a low priority especially after sales.

This is why I have been so impressed with your fast, efficient and above all, friendly approach to my problem.

I have made a point of telling each of my friends and family about your company and how I found you and I really hope that through my efforts you will generate some sales through word of mouth.

With service such as this your business deserves much success for the future.”
Claire, UK – May 2010

“Thanks a million … That would be great if you could send me emails on offer as it’s great you guys ship to Ireland, so I may become a regular shopper. Thanks again for your help!!”
Sharon, Ireland – May 2010

Thank you – I really appreciate the extra effort you have put in for me. Please feel free to add me to your mailing list – having received such great service from you this far, I will definitely be looking to buy from you again.”
Michael, UK – May 2010

Thank you so much. It’s nice to see a customer service team that actually assists a customer in a timely fashion. Thanks again, and I hope you have a wonderful day.”
Cal, UK – February 2010