Spredo Butter Spreader and Salt Shaker from Mocha

Spredo Butter Spreader And Salt Shaker


Spredo Butter Spreader and Salt Shaker will help you butter and salt your corn on the cob to perfection!
Design: Avichai Tadmor

  • Corn on the cob butter dispenser
  • Submarine shaped salt shaker and butter spreader
  • Corn accessories
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    Product Description

    Corn on the cob makes a great snack or meal accompaniment. And of course a barbecue wouldn’t be complete without them. But the finishing touch is of course dripping butter and a touch of salt.

    If you love your corn cobs perfectly seasoned then Spredo is the essential accessory for you.

    This smart gadget shaped like a yellow submarine is a butter spreader and salt shaker. Place a chunk of butter inside and it spreads evenly without any mess. Then turn over to sprinkle on the salt.

    Fun and practical, it will also help prevent you burning your fingers on the hot corn.

    Check out the video below to see how it works.

    Material: Plastic
    Colour: Yellow

    Additional Information

    Weight .200 kg
    Dimensions 5.8 x 5.7 x 5 cm