10 Mediterranean Living Room Ideas

Living room ideas and home accessories

Are you looking to give your living room a fresh new look for spring and summer? Then why not take some cues from from around the Mediterranean region and give your room a sunny vibe (whatever the weather outside!). Just a few simple simple decorating updates can make all the difference.

Here are 10 Mediterranean living room ideas to inspire you.

1) White walls

Paint your walls white to make your living room look brighter. White helps to reflect the light in your room and will make it feel more airy.

Cushions by Sian Elin from Mocha

2) Add colour and pattern with home accessories

Get inspired by the sea and introduce a colour pallet of white, blue and turquoise by way of home accessories. Or add some Mediterranean or Moorish motifs with patterned cushions.

Living room ideas patterned tiles

3) Patterned tiles

Instead of having pattern to your walls or home accessories, add it to your floor instead with some patterned tiles. Then keep everything else very simple and let your floor be the focal point. Smooth tiled floors feel so lovely to walk on barefoot when the weather is warm. And on a practical level, they’re easy to maintain and keep clean.

Mediterranean living room ideas

4) Plants and trees

Bring nature into your living room with some plants or  even trees. For a real Mediterranean feel add some palm trees! There are many types, such as the Areca palm, that are suitable for growing indoors. And this type of palm has another special advantage in that it improves the air quality of your room, helping to remove chemical toxins.

Living room ideas from the Mediterraean

 5) Let the outside in

When the weather permits, throw open the doors or windows of your living room to let the outside in. All that fresh air will energise both you and your home.

Relaxed Mediterranean living room

6) Keep it simple and relaxed

For the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of the day, keep the decor and furnishings simple and uncluttered.

Rustic living room - San Giorgio Hotel

7) Rustic feel

For that chilled out rustic Mediterranean feel, introduce some natural materials. This could be a wooden coffee table, some storage baskets, rustic floorboards or wooden ceiling beams.

Rustic modern living room ideas

8) Blend old and new

Don’t be afraid to blend old and new furnishings in your living room. Contrast older pieces with modern classics. Mix rustic floorboards with contemporary sofas. Or painted roughhewn walls with sleek home accessories.

Living room ideas floaty curtains

9) Floaty curtains

Dress your windows with dreamy white floaty curtains that billow softly in the wind. You can use them to diffuse the light. And if you have an unsightly view outside the window, let the curtains hide it. Alternatively, if you happen to have a stunning view like this, they’ll keep things simple and let the view be the focal point.

Living room ideas - outdoor living room

10)  Outdoor living room

If you have some outdoor space – a small garden or balcony – why not create an outdoor living room for the warm summer months? How blissful it would be to relax in an outdoor space like this!

Which of these Mediterranean living room ideas would you like to add in your own home?

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  1. I’d like to have those floaty curtains and I agree with you on mixing the old and the new. I mean, for me, I love their combination.

  2. 7) Rustic feel is my favorite. Love all the wood and has a cosy feel 🙂