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San Giorgio Hotel is not like a typical hotel. In fact, the interior doesn’t look much like a hotel at all. It’s more like staying in the holiday home of a cool friend. Or the kind of hideaway you wish you had as your own personal bolt-hole whenever you felt the need to escape away for a few days.

San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos - Mochauk

Unlike some hotels where you feel like you could be anywhere in the world, the interiors of San Giorgio give you a sense of place and atmosphere. It’s a space to unwind and be at one with your environment and surroundings.

San Giorgio is located on the Greek Island of Mykonos. An island that combines natural beauty with a cosmopolitan crowd, beautiful beaches, clear blue skies, culture and history. The summers are hot and dry, and the winters are mild. Traditional villages of whitewashed houses dot the island, leading down the cliff to the sparkling deep blue water of the Aegean Sea. It’s the picture of a Grecian paradise.

San Giorgio Hammock and Sea - Mochauk

The 34 rooms and suites of the San Giorgio are situated in one of the most scenic parts of Mykonos between the Paradise and Paranga beaches. it is designed for people who like the simple life. Like waking up to views of the sea, eating good wholesome food, or feeling the energy of a euphoric crowd dancing under the stars.

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The design style of the interior is modern Mediterranean minimalism with rustic elements. Or ‘gypset’ at the designers describe it. It is a blend of the essence of the bohemian finesse of the ’60s, together with a more down to earth and simple approach to life. The philosophy is all about taking it easy and enjoying yourself at your own pace.

Interiors of San Giorgio - Mochauk

Using honest natural materials, everything is designed to create a feeling of harmony. The rooms are kept deliberately spacious with a few carefully chosen accessories and furnishings to add just the right amount of warmth. Rough-hewn furniture tells a story of origin and craftsmanship and gives the decor a feeling of relaxed elegance. And a few splashes of colour and layers of texture prevent the interior from feeling stark.

San Giorgio minimalist bedroom - MochaUK

The neutral white, cream and grey shades are punctured by colour in the form of accessories: a vibrant kilim rug on the floor or cushions with a folkloric pattern on the bed. Traditional Greek woven top stools and a rustic towel ladder in the bathroom add a local feel. While a hammered metal bowl or ornate mirror contrasts against the simple furnishings. A tree branch acts as a curtain pole holding a diaphanous voile that gently blows in the wind. It is a vision of calm and the perfect antidote to the stresses of every day life.

Hammock by the Pool San Giorgio Hotel - Mocha UK

Be as relaxed or as energetic as you want. Sway on a hammock by the pool and enjoy Mediterranean food using fresh natural ingredients with a twist. Take an early morning walk along the beach. Or participate in boxing and yoga classes on the beach, different types of water sports, and even horse riding. If you like to party, the Paradise Club – ranked amongst the top five nightlife venues in Europe – is only 300 metres away. And one of the perks of staying at the hotel is an entrance pass to the VIP section.

Little Venice Mykonos

When you tire of the pool and beach, you can take a short excursion to the town centre. Ten minutes away by car is the most picturesque part of town, which is known as Little Venice. Medieval two and three storey houses have been constructed right up to the sea’s edge with their colourful balconies overhanging the water, reminiscent of Venice.

Mykonos by Chris Ruggles

Explore fascinating little shops, or wander through the quaint meandering alleys around the harbour lined with whitewashed houses, their shutters and doors painted in brightly coloured shades. A favourite activity is to sit in one of the bars or cafes on the sea shore with a cocktail while watching a magical sunset.

For an injection of culture there is the Archaeological Museum and Aegean Museum. And a short boat ride away is the Island of Delos. It is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece with some of the most extensive excavations in the Mediterranean.

Hammock San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos - Mocha UK

If places can touch and leave their mark on us, the San Giorgio and Mykonos will hopefully leave us with a feeling of calm and space. So we can go back to our every day lives and take that feeling with us. And whenever we need some replenishment, San Giorgio is there waiting to offer us its vision of pleasure in simplicity.

What design elements do you like about the San Giorgio Hotel? Please tell me in the comments below.

[Photo Credit: Design Hotels™ – San Giorgio a member of Design Hotels™  –  Wallyg  –  Chris Ruggles]


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