Measuring Cube Measuring Jug and Spoon from Mocha Casa

Measuring Cube: Measuring Jug and Spoon


Measuring Cube is a fresh new reinterpretation of the traditional measuring jug. It’s designed with a special spout that can be poured from all four corners of the cube. And it features a different measurement indicator on each of its sides. But turn it over to find its most unique feature – a built-in detachable measuring spoon.
Design: Siliconezone

  • Measuring jug with measuring spoon for liquid and dry ingredients
  • Measuring cup for millilitres, cups, fluid ounces and pints
  • Kitchen accessories
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    Product Description

    Measuring Cube from Siliconezone is a stylish and practical reinvention of that kitchen essential, the measuring jug. Easy to use, it makes measuring simple and the jug a pleasure to use.

    Because you usually need measuring spoons when you use your measuring cups, the Measuring Cube has a truly unique feature. Flip it over to discover a hidden measuring spoon for tea spoon and table spoon measurements. Produced in durable silicone, it is easy to take out and pop back in again.

    Well designed, it is really easy to see the measurements. But better still, there is a different one on each of its four sides: millilitres, cups, fluid ounces and pints. Perfect for trying out all those delicious recipes you discover online, that always have a different measurement unit.

    Designed to be functional, durable and aesthetically appealing, the Measuring Cube has a special internal spout that can be poured from each of its four corners. And the vertical surfaces of the graphically inspired shape have been delicately rounded for better ergonomics.

    Easy to clean and convenient to store, the Measuring Cube is BPA free, dishwasher safe and does not absorb stains or odours.

    Measuring Cube Measuring Jug and Spoon also makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking and baking.

    Dimensions: Cube – 9 x 9 x 9.1cm  Spoon – 8.6 x 4.6 x 2.1cm
    Capacity: 300ml


    Additional Information

    Weight .450 kg
    Dimensions 9 x 9 x 9.1 cm