Why Plants Are More Than Just An Interior Trend

Plant wall divider from Mocha UK blog

A few months ago I visited the International Furniture Fair in Cologne. One of the main trends I noticed was how many exhibitors had chosen to include plants as decor accessories in their room sets.

I particularly liked this very creative idea where potted plants have been used to dramatic effect. On a slightly smaller scale, wouldn’t this make such a great idea for a room divider?

For a few years, it seemed that having house plants was regarded as a bit passé. But plants are definitely back – and are set to become a big trend.

Plants make stunning decor accessories that add some living beauty to your interior. And sculptural foliage can be used to create a striking focal point in a room.

Plants as decor accessories from Mocha UK blog

But plants are far more than just another interior trend or passing phase. There are in fact numerous benefits to having plants and flowers displayed around your home.

Studies have shown that they can improve our feelings of wellbeing and make us feel less stressed. Some plants improve air quality. And they can even increase our focus and productivity.

Do you have plants in your home? Do you find they lift your mood?
Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos. Plants can have such a great effect on our rooms. These ideas you just showed are above everything I knew. Great!

  2. 10 points for creativity. Plants really light up a home or office.

  3. Hi,

    Plants are really more of an interior trend, i do agree with it. But i also like green houses.

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    Thanks for providing this information.