How To Decorate Your Home For Spring With Pantone’s Rose Quartz

How to decorate your home for spring with Pantone's Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of Pantone’s two colours of the year for 2016. This light blush pink is reminiscent of the blooming of a flower bud or soft clouds at sunrise. In colour psychology pink is considered a warm colour that signifies hope. And studies have even found that being exposed to pink can have a calming effect on us.

All of which makes it seem like a good colour choice if you’re thinking about adding some fresh updates to your home for spring. It can imbue your interior with a relaxed atmosphere and positive feel.

A little admission: pink isn’t a colour I’d have usually chosen for decorating previously. But this more restrained shade has made me reconsider. As you’ll discover, it can work really well in a minimalist or Scandinavian style interior. It adds touches of warmth and interest, without being overbearing.

Here are some ideas on how you can add decorate with rose quartz or use it as a subtle accent colour around your home and give your home a new look for spring.


New Trend Alert: Indoor Trees

Indoor trees

The trend for bringing more biophilic design into our homes just keeps on growing (literally!)

It began with the resurgence of house plants. For a while considered a bit outdated, plants have now become almost essential home accessories, that no stylish interior can be without.

But you may have noticed that the trend has recently gone a step further – with indoor trees.


How To Add Modern Antiquity Style To Your Home

Ancient Modern Staircase

The ultimate contrast of old and new. Modern Antiquity is one of the freshest trends in interior design.

The perfect style to give your home some unique personality; it adds layers of depth and interest to contemporary interiors.

The key to this look is simplicity. Choose one or two elements to introduce into a room. And create a balance between the ancient and modern. The effect doesn’t have to be too perfect. On the contrary – just like the rustic look – some wear is part of the appeal.

Here are some ways you can integrate a taste of the style, adventure, and mystery of ancient meets modern into your home.


What Is A Shelfie?

Shelfie Bark Floating Shelves from Mocha

First there was the Selfie. Now the latest trend to hit social media is the ‘Shelfie’.

What is a shelfie? You may be asking.

It is a picture taken of your artfully styled shelves. Or a selection of your books displayed on your bookshelf. The image is then shared on social media (Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) with the hashtag #shelfie.


New Trend Alert: Ancient Meets Modern

Ancient meets modern Verulamium - Mocha UK

There’s an exciting trend emerging. Except  that it’s not completely new. In fact, its origins are ancient.

Yes, we’re going right back in time. Beyond retro, vintage or antique. This is ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome – but with a modern twist.

It goes back to basics, with a return to natural materials and greater simplicity, mixed with contemporary elements.

And it’s capturing our imagination in every creative sphere.


Why Plants Are More Than Just An Interior Trend

Plant wall divider from Mocha UK blog

A few months ago I visited the International Furniture Fair in Cologne. One of the main trends I noticed was how many exhibitors had chosen to include plants as decor accessories in their room sets.

I particularly liked this very creative idea where potted plants have been used to dramatic effect. On a slightly smaller scale, wouldn’t this make such a great idea for a room divider?

For a few years, it seemed that having house plants was regarded as a bit passé. But plants are definitely back – and are set to become a big trend.

Plants make stunning decor accessories that add some living beauty to your interior. And sculptural foliage can be used to create a striking focal point in a room.