A Cosy Haven With Views Of Nature: Cabin Norderhov

Cabin Norderhov - a cosy haven with views of nature

Sometimes, in the depths of winter, when it’s really cold and the rain is pouring down outside, I dream of being in a little wooden cabin where it’s cosy and warm. A haven and shelter from the elements.

Snowy view from the windows of Cabin Norderhov

This retreat would have an inviting fireplace, comfortable areas for sitting, and big windows overlooking wide open spaces with a beautiful lake below. I’d sit inside next to the fire and write, while enjoying stunning panoramic views of nature from the comfort of that warm interior.

I think Cabin Norderhov might be that cabin of my dreams.

Cosy cabin displaying biophilic design with seating, a fireplace and views of nature

Designed by architects Atelier Oslo, the cabin is located near the town of Hønefoss in Norway, in the woods, on a steep slope with incredible views overlooking Lake Steinsfjorden.

Minimalist wood cabin with biophilic design and views of nature

Minimalist Scandinanvian Cabin Norderhov at night in the woods with a view of nature

From the outside it may look like a fairly unremarkable rectangular building – albeit, one situated in a stunning location. However, once inside, the interior transports you into an altogether different realm.

Minimalist wood cabin with biophilic design and views of nature

Intricately designed, thin plywood cladding has been formed to create curves that flow throughout the cabin. The ceiling continues on a sinuous trail to the walls and from there down to the floor. The floor undulates throughout the space and divides it into several levels, defining different functional zones. The transitions in between creates steps which also serve as perfect spots for sitting and relaxing.

Minimalist Scandinavian design in modern wood Cabin Norderhov

The fireplace in the minimalist Scandinavian design Cabin Norderhov

At the hub in the centre is the fireplace. It is designed to feel like a campfire in the landscape and can be seen from every level so you can enjoy the benefit of it whether you’re lying down beside it or at any other point in the cabin.

Part of the concept of the design for Cabin Norderhov was to consider it as a piece of furniture that flows in a continuous space. As a result, though it’s only 80 square meters in size, it feels spacious and airy and much larger than it really is.

Minimalist Scandinavian wood cabin with biophilic design elements

Minimalist bathroom in the Scandinavian design Cabin Norderhov

The minimalist space embodies beautiful simple Scandinavian design, deliberately kept simple so that the view becomes the main focal point. But the soft curves and materials (as well as that sublime fireplace) prevent it from feeling cold. It’s a perfect example of warm minimalism.

Cabin Norderhov Scandinavian design with echoes of Mediterranean style

It also appeared to me as though there were also echoes of Mediterranean design – especially the long seating and curtained off bedroom area. Although the architect told me that wasn’t the intention, but rather the result of experimenting with thin wooden cladding that could be bent and formed.

Biophilia and views of nature and the lake from biophilic design Cabin Norderhov

But the one thing the it truly does encompass is biophilia.

The cabin is constructed from natural materials with a predominance of wood, and an organic flowing design. It links the interior to the outside with breathtaking views visible through the glazed walls of the living and dining areas. And it offers prospect and refuge: an awe-inspiring panoramic view from the safe haven inside.  This is biophilic design at it’s best.

To me, Cabin Norderhov would be a perfect cosy haven in which to hibernate and spend the winter. How about you?

[Images: Atelier Oslo / Lars Petter Pettersen ]