Home Tour: A Minimalist Apartment In Turin With Unique Home Office Space

A minimalist apartment in Turin, Italy

Open plan living has been a popular choice in home design for several years now. But there is something to be said for the new trend for broken-plan living. It gives us different areas to break off into when we want a bit of quiet time and privacy. In addition, it adds element of mystery when you can’t see the entire layout of a home all at once. And as a result, can make a home appear to be more spacious.

That’s exactly what happened with the renovation of this exquisite minimalist apartment in the heart of Turin, Italy. The home forms part of a Palace dating back to 1800 close to the historic Piazza Castello. Here, broken-plan living and warm minimalism were brought together in a design that combines open areas with walls and sliding doors to provide both space and privacy – and a very unique mezzanine home office space.


5 Things To Love About This Window Seat

Window seat with bookshelves and storage on mochacasa blog

Do you like window seats?

For me, they are one of those dream home features that hold such appeal. But when I came across the image of this one, I was completely smitten. It has all the ingredients for a perfect window seat.


Home Tour: How An Apartment Was Transformed From Small To Spacious

The living room and kitchen area of a small apartment transformed from a studio to a one bedroom apartment by Sfaro Architects | Full story on mochacasa blog

What do you do when you need more space in your home but soaring house prices make it too expensive for you to move?

This is the dilemma one resident living in a studio apartment in Tel Aviv had when she found that her home had become too small for her needs. Although only measuring 40 square meters in size, she wanted to turn it into a one bedroom flat and increase the storage space – all on a limited budget.

In other words, she wanted to move into a bigger place without moving at all.


A Cosy Haven With Views Of Nature: Cabin Norderhov

Cabin Norderhov - a cosy haven with views of nature

Sometimes, in the depths of winter, when it’s really cold and the rain is pouring down outside, I dream of being in a little wooden cabin where it’s cosy and warm. A haven and shelter from the elements.

Snowy view from the windows of Cabin Norderhov

This retreat would have an inviting fireplace, comfortable areas for sitting, and big windows overlooking wide open spaces with a beautiful lake below. I’d sit inside next to the fire and write, while enjoying stunning panoramic views of nature from the comfort of that warm interior.

I think Cabin Norderhov might be that cabin of my dreams.


Easy Ways To Add The New Minimalist Look To Your Home

Minimalist living room with plants

When you picture a minimalist interior, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s an all white room with a sterile feel; the kind of look that was popular back in the nineties.

Minimalism is back, but this time it is different. Warm and comfortable, it blends a pared-down feel with contemporary, rustic and natural elements. The result is a simplicity that is easy to live with and turns our homes into a sanctuary away from the hectic world outside.

The new minimalist look works so well for the way we live our lives today and it’s easy to add into your home – whatever your interior style.


Why Minimalism Is Back

Minimalist lounge and fireplace

Take a look at your iPhone, the layout of the google home page, and the vast majority of design blogs. Or a selection of some of the most popular interiors on Pinterest right now. The one thing they all have in common is a simple, clean-lined design aesthetic.

Minimalism is back.

Because our lives have become so complicated and frenetic. And the world so uncertain. We want our homes to be simple and uncomplicated. And that is what minimalist design helps to give us.


A Dream Home Office: Diogene Cabin by Renzo Piano for Vitra

Diogene Cabin from Vitra by Renzo Piano - Mocha UK

I have this dream of having a house with a long lush secluded garden. At the bottom of it there would be a little self contained home office. A serene space to work, write and create with just the sounds of the rustling trees and birdsong outside…

I think the Diogene Cabin fits the picture perfectly and would make an ideal home office and sanctuary.

Designed by architect Renzo Piano and RPBW for Vitra, Diogene is described as Vitra’s smallest building – but largest product.

Named after the classical Greek philosopher Diogenes, (who is said to have lived in a barrel and rejected worldly luxuries) it looks deceptively simple. But is in fact a fully self sufficient little minimalist house.


Villa F: A Greek Island Holiday Home With A Difference

If I asked you to imagine a Greek Island holiday home, how would you describe it to me?

You might mention typical Mediterranean whitewashed walls and a spacious and airy interior. Perhaps simple but comfortable furnishings  (ideal for relaxing and getting away from it all!) And no doubt, a view of the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.

Villa F Greek Island Villa on Mocha UK

This holiday villa on the Greek Island of Rhodes has all of this. But I bet it isn’t quite what you were imagining …

Villa F is a futuristic looking home. It was designed by architects Hornung and Jacobi Architecture for a couple who wanted a holiday home that also included a separate area for guests.


Interiors That Offer A Vision Of Calm: San Giorgio Hotel

San Giorgio Hotel Interiors - Mocha UK Blog

San Giorgio Hotel is not like a typical hotel. In fact, the interior doesn’t look much like a hotel at all. It’s more like staying in the holiday home of a cool friend. Or the kind of hideaway you wish you had as your own personal bolt-hole whenever you felt the need to escape away for a few days.


Less is More When Two Apartments Become One

Minimalist kitchen dining area

Can a family home be minimalist in design, yet still feel warm and inviting?

Many of us aspire to have a home that is organised and free from clutter. But it isn’t always so easy when you have children. Although you may want to apply the ‘less is more’ philosophy to your home decor, this can be difficult. The “less” is often available space, and the “more” seems to be endless plastic toys.

With the use of some clever design techniques, though, it is possible to create a minimalist interior that still looks like a family home. (Rather than a sterile exhibition space.) As this coastal apartment in Slovenia shows.