Interior Ideas: A Modern Minimalist Bedroom

Modern minimalist bedroom in the Hempel Hotel

This striking minimalist bedroom, is part of a suite known as the Lioness Den, in the Hempel Hotel, London. Famous for its daring design feature – the bed is on a platform, suspended from the ceiling by metal bars.  Also situated on this mezzanine is an en-suite bathroom and storage space.  Below, there is a spacious, light and sunny lounge.

The design of the room is sleek modern minimalism with a warm and organic atmosphere.  It is in keeping with the interior in the rest of the hotel: a blend of minimalist design and 21st century technology and comfort, inspired by the essence of modern and ancient travel.

The sleeping area is intimate, yet feels spacious and is perfectly proportioned.  It achieves balance and harmony through the use of warm lighting and some of the natural elements associated with Zen philosophy: earth, wood, metal and fire. The inspiring modern design offers many interior ideas you could use to create your own minimalist bedroom.

Small Bedroom Ideas
If your bedroom is small, but it has a fairly high ceiling, why not think about building a platform for your bed to make more space?  You can then use the area below it for storage, seating or even a home office.

The metal bars act as a support for the platform; but they also make a striking interior feature and help to enclose the space without making it feel claustrophobic.  If your platform is supported from below, though, you could also consider using Perspex bars or frosted glass as a way of zoning it off.

Floating Shelves
The streamlined rows of floating shelves behind the bed are a clever design element with a multi-functional purpose.  They serve as storage space – dispensing with the need for bedside tables – and prevent the room from feeling cluttered. They also act as a headboard, and give the room a focal point.

You’ll notice that this simple but ingenious design actually runs right across the width of the window.  But the open shelves allow light to flow through, without making it feel boxed in.

Bedroom Colour Scheme

The plain white bedding gives the bed a fresh look and serene feel.  Whilst the light brown shades of the wooden floor, shelving, window blind and accessories make the space feel warm and inviting.

In keeping with the modern minimalist design, accessories are kept simple: they add interest without overwhelming the interior.

I particularly like the row of tea lights on either side of, and behind the bed.  It’s a dramatic touch which adds a warm glow and slightly magical feel to the room.  You could also create a similar look to this in your bedroom using rope light.

A beautiful plant or simple vases of flowers add an organic touch to the decor. They can also help purify the air and make you feel happy.

Photo credit: The Hempel Hotel


  1. I absolutely love the modern minimalist bedroom at the Hempel Hotel. The idea that it is suspended from the ceiling too, like a modern day hammock. Over in W2 London, I may have to spend a weekend there just to experience it.