7 Alternatives To Bedside Tables For Small Spaces

Pacco Floating Drawer bedside tables from mochacasa.com

If you have a small bedroom it can be a challenge to find bedside tables that will fit the space. Naturally, though, you’d still like a place to store your book, cup of water and all the other essentials that you keep next to your bed. So what’s the solution?

Here are some alternatives to standard bedside tables, that can perform the same role beautifully, without taking up too much space. And moreover, they’ll also add some style and interest to your room.


5 Creative Headboard Ideas

Historically, the purpose of a headboard was to add some protection from the cold when homes were more poorly insulated. For this reason, they were usually made of wood.

Subsequently, headboards have become almost an essential feature in the bedroom. But now they are mainly decorative accessories that add a finishing touch to your bed.

As well as acting as a focal point, it is a quick way to introduce a new style element to change the look or mood of your room. With a dramatic design, you won’t need to add much other decoration, and can keep the rest of your bedroom simple and relaxed.

So rather than going for a conventional design, why not give your bedroom a fresh new look with something a little more original?  Here are five different creative headboard ideas to inspire you.

Rug Headboard

Rug Headboard - five creative headboard ideas from Mocha

Hang a rug or curtain on a pole above your bed to introduce some colour, pattern or texture to your bedroom. In the image above, the patterned rugs add the perfect balance to this monochrome design scheme. Rugs also have another benefit in that they help with sound proofing. This reduces echo and makes your bedroom feel much cosier.


How a Small Cluttered Loft Became an Oasis of Relaxation

Loft Bedroom - blog.mocha.uk.com

This small loft bedroom is filled with smart storage solutions; and a decorating scheme that adds bright touches of colour and makes the most of the beautiful natural light.

But when interior designer Kia Sunda first saw the loft space of this home in Highbury, North London, it was cluttered and cramped. Out of sight from the rest of the house, it had become a bit of a dumping ground for discarded furniture and other items that had no real place anywhere else in the house.


Interior Ideas: A Modern Minimalist Bedroom

Modern minimalist bedroom in the Hempel Hotel

This striking minimalist bedroom, is part of a suite known as the Lioness Den, in the Hempel Hotel, London. Famous for its daring design feature – the bed is on a platform, suspended from the ceiling by metal bars.  Also situated on this mezzanine is an en-suite bathroom and storage space.  Below, there is a spacious, light and sunny lounge.

The design of the room is sleek modern minimalism with a warm and organic atmosphere.  It is in keeping with the interior in the rest of the hotel: a blend of minimalist design and 21st century technology and comfort, inspired by the essence of modern and ancient travel.

The sleeping area is intimate, yet feels spacious and is perfectly proportioned.  It achieves balance and harmony through the use of warm lighting and some of the natural elements associated with Zen philosophy: earth, wood, metal and fire. The inspiring modern design offers many interior ideas you could use to create your own minimalist bedroom.