How To Decorate Your Home With Pantone’s Serenity Blue

How to decorate your home with Pantone's colour of the year 2016 Serenity Blue

You may remember how I recently gave you some decorating ideas using Rose Quartz around your home. This time I’m going to show you how you can decorate with Pantone’s other colour of the year 2016: Serenity blue.

Tranquility in nature - serenity blue sky

Serenity is a powdery blue that in nature we associate with clear skies and gentle seas. It’s the dreamy shade you see at sunrise. Or  when the sky takes on harmonious tones of dusky blue at sunset.

The colour is meant to signify tranquility and was chosen by Pantone for it’s calming properties and ‘ability to bring respite even in turbulent times.’ It is indeed a soothing and peaceful shade, that calls to mind calmness. Which is why it’s such a great choice for a decorating colour all around your home. An because it works as a compliment to many other colours, it makes it easy to add to your existing decorating scheme.

Here are some decorating ideas to show the different ways you could incorporate Serenity blue into your home decor.

Serenity blue walls in the bedroom

Because serenity blue creates a relaxed feel in your home it’s a good colour choice for a bedroom or living room (when you want some calm at the end of a busy day). Interestingly, though, studies have even found that people are more productive when they work in blue rooms. So it might be a colour to consider for the walls of your home office too.

A coat of paint on your walls will give your rooms a fresh look. And if you don’t want such an intense amount of colour, an accent wall can make an eye-catching feature.

Serenity blue and wood bedroom

Serenity works particularly well set against wood or white.

Serenity blue home decor

Another way to add serenity blue to your decor is with furniture and home accessories, such as a chair or lamp shade.

Sophisticated minimalist monochrome living room with serenity blue sofa

And what could be nicer than sinking into a serene sofa at the end of the day? Mix with a monochrome colour scheme for a sophisticated, warm minimalist look.

Serenity blue bedding and bedroom walls

Soft furnishings such as bedding and cushions are an easy way to give your home a quick update and a new mood.

modern sofa with cushion in serenity blue

Even subtle additions can make a stylish statement. Like a single blue cushion on a neutral sofa.

Scandinavian home with white and serenity blue decor

Pale blue and white are frequently paired in Scandinavian homes. It makes for a clean, crisp combination.

Mediterranean style bedroom in white with serenity blue accents

It’s also prevalent in Mediterranean interiors. Give your home the feel of a Greek Villa with accents of light blue set against white.

Rustic wood front door in Provence painted serenity blue

But you don’t just have to use it inside the home. Reminiscent of Provence, paint your front door or window frames in this hue to give your home a year-round holiday feel.

Window shutter in Provence in serenity blue

What do you think of Pantone’s Serenity Blue?

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