How To Decorate Your Home For Spring With Pantone’s Rose Quartz

How to decorate your home for spring with Pantone's Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of Pantone’s two colours of the year for 2016. This light blush pink is reminiscent of the blooming of a flower bud or soft clouds at sunrise. In colour psychology pink is considered a warm colour that signifies hope. And studies have even found that being exposed to pink can have a calming effect on us.

All of which makes it seem like a good colour choice if you’re thinking about adding some fresh updates to your home for spring. It can imbue your interior with a relaxed atmosphere and positive feel.

A little admission: pink isn’t a colour I’d have usually chosen for decorating previously. But this more restrained shade has made me reconsider. As you’ll discover, it can work really well in a minimalist or Scandinavian style interior. It adds touches of warmth and interest, without being overbearing.

Here are some ideas on how you can add decorate with rose quartz or use it as a subtle accent colour around your home and give your home a new look for spring.

Plaster pink walls in the kitchen in Pantone rose quartz

Plaster walls

Evocative of Southern Spain or Morocco, a pink plaster wall in rose quartz is the perfect way to give your home a rustic Mediterranean look. In a kitchen with open shelves like this one, it sets off the rows of glass storage jars beautifully.

Cactus set against a rose quartz plaster wall

If you have outdoor space, it also looks striking set against sculptural plants like succulents and cacti.

Bedroom in a colour scheme of grey and rose quartz


When combined with a darker colour like grey, it gives rose quartz a stronger, more sophisticated look. A good combination for bedding, it makes for a stylish, slightly moody bedroom that still exudes warmth.

White bedroom with plants, grey and rose quartz pink accents

Or add a nod to this year’s colour trend with a single pillow. In this setting, it harmonises well together the whites, dark grey and fresh green of the plants.

Large Rosette Lampshade by Sian Elin from

Home decor

Introducing subtle accents of colour by way of home decor is a quick and easy way to introduce some rose quartz to your interiors. And in a Scandinavian palette of white, black or grey and natural wood, a single pop of colour can create an understated impact.

Lampshades can be as much for decoration as practical purpose. Especially during the longer spring evenings when lighting is used less. So swap heavier shades for something with a dash of blush pink like this rosette lampshade.

Hallway of a Scandinavian home with a storage box in rose quartz pink as a decor accent

Shelf with metallic home decor accents and a storage box in pantone rose quartz

Even a simple storage box in the hallway or on a shelf can be enough to create an impression and add a warm touch.

Pink cyclamen

Plants and flowers

Redolent of a flower bud, what better way to introduce the colour than with a flowering plant like pink cyclamens or geraniums?

Palm plant in a rose quartz pink plant pot

Alternatively, pair a lush green plant with a planter in a delicate rose shade.

Home office with chair in Pantone rose quartz pink


For greater impact, introduce a piece of furniture in rose quartz pink, such as your office chair. It’s particularly effective in a home office because it softens the decor, making it feel more like a home and less of a harsh office environment. In addition, the colour can act as a stress reliever you while you work.

What do you think of the new rose quartz colour trend?

PS: Read more about the interior trends for 2016.

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