10 Cosy Ideas To Warm You Up On A Cold Day

Window seat

When the weather is cold and dreary – and winter feels like it’s everlasting – it’s easy to start feeling a bit low.

So I thought I would compile some cosy ideas to warm you up on a cold day, that can’t help but lift your spirits too!

  • Sitting in a snug corner, with a pile of cushions and a good book.
  • A hug from someone you love.
  • Feeling warm after an invigorating work out. It might not be easy to get going; but it feels so great once you do!
  • Eating a bowl of hearty homemade soup. Delicious and nutritious: it’s the perfect comfort food for winter.
Candle lit bubble bath
  • A nice hot bath with candles, chill out music and beautiful scents filling the air.
  • Snuggling under a warm duvet with a pile of magazines. Or catching up with some of your favourite blogs on the laptop.
  • Coming in from the cold after a brisk walk and cupping a hot mug of coffee.
  • An evening in on the sofa with a good film and some popcorn. All wrapped up in warm throw.
  • Sitting with your best friends in a cosy cafe, catching up over hot drinks.
  • Starting to de-clutter and rearrange your home for spring. Maybe even finding some new decor accessories to give your interiors a fresh look. After all, there’s only a few weeks to go now until spring!
Ombre Throw Mocha
What are your favourite ideas? Do you have any other suggestions to add to the list?
Please tell me in the comments below.
[Image credits: 1 – Black Eiffel | 2 – Ruth Flickr | 3 – Mocha ]



  1. My suggestion: curling up on a contemporary lounge chair, with a plush blanket and a great book…

  2. I should stay in a sofa for me to warm-up with a glass of coffee.

  3. comfy chair. good book. hot coffee. enough said.

  4. Absolutely needed as it is still pretty cold and we have some remaining snow around here in Austria!! Happy weekend!