How to Make a Mocha

Mocha Coffee in a Dunk Mug from mochacasa.comA mocha coffee is the ultimate luxurious drink; blending the deep flavours of rich and aromatic coffee with the velvety smoothness of  chocolate.

In the cold weather this warm and delicious combination is the perfect feel good drink.

You will need:
Chocolate – 3-4 pieces of good quality chocolate or chocolate powder
Cream (optional)

To make:
Place the chocolate at the bottom of your cup.

Make up a shot of espresso coffee. You can also use regular instant coffee, but ground coffee prepared in a cafetiere or coffee maker will give you a much better taste experience.

Fill your mug to just over a quarter full with the espresso coffee.

Froth up some milk. You can either do this using a milk frother. Or alternatively, by whisking the milk in a pan over a low heat, taking care that it warms up but doesn’t boil.

Pour a little of the milk into your cup and gently stir. Then fill your cup to the top with the rest of the milk.

Add sugar to taste. And for a real treat, top with fresh whipped cream and dust with chocolate powder.

Then savour the perfect cup of mocha.

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