9 Home Office Ideas To Inspire You

Home Office Ideas To Inspire You

Do  you work from home?

Whether full or part time, more of us are now working from home than ever before. According to a recent report from the Office for National Statistics, the number of people in the UK who work from home has risen to its highest levels since records began.

Whether you’re running a small business or writing a blog you need a space to work from. And having a beautiful, organised space in which to work will help to increase your productivity.

So if you’re about to set up your own home office in a corner of your home, or thinking of redecorating your existing one, here are nine of the most stylish home office ideas to inspire you.

Home office with photographer's tripod floor lamp

A home office has to walk the line between being a productive space, yet still have a homely vibe (instead of feeling like a sterile office space). A few quirky accessories can add a personal touch, like the photographer’s tripod floor lamp in this work space. While the rugs warm up the predominantly white decor.

White home office with plants

Plants enliven and totally transform this white office space. But there’s also another advantage to having plants around your desk: they decrease your levels of stress and increase your ability to concentrate.

Home office with motivational pictures

Hanging motivational pictures around your desk together with and other images that make you smile is also a great way to help give you drive and inspiration.

Loft home office

This home office in the loft with wood paneled backdrop, monochrome colour scheme and tan highlights is the essence of style and elegance.

Alcove home office

You don’t need a large space for a home office, as this little alcove proves. The wood adds warmth, and continuing the wall paneling down across the floor in a seamless flow creates an impression of space.

How to combine a home office with the living room

Sometimes there isn’t space for separate office, so the answer is to combine it with another area of your home such as your living room. The key is to have an elegant desk such as this one, so that your home office can blend perfectly with the rest of your decor.

Wall mounted desk

When space is really at a premium, a wall mounted desk is the perfect solution. And it can then be folded up out of sight when not in use.

home office under the eaves

This space under the eaves makes the perfect spot for a desk and place to work. The arched skylight creates a focal point as well as adding natural light.

Home office with black wall

Black walls are very atmospheric and can look bold and elegant in a home office. Too much black can feel heavy, though. So use it as an accent wall and contrast with white furniture and desk accessories.

Which of these home offices are your favourite?

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